Is 4 downs too easy...

despite the rule differences between Canadian and American football? Seems to me there is too much scoring in the NFL now but maybe that's an incorrect perception on my part, not sure. :?

The OC's in the NFL are doing good work as are the DC's in the CFL; that's my two cents.

Here's a great article I just read today on the subject Earl by Brian Billick, and Backer is right.

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Billick is right about depth at quarterback as starter, but he overlooks that the league is short on overall QB quality with fewer backups than I ever remember truly ready for prime time.

Also the use of athletic tight ends in even spread offences, for which looking back I have to say Kellen Winslow Sr. and Shannon Sharpe were early prototypes, is growing instead of just big and tall dudes with also good hands and some agility.

The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers are the best examples right now, and for the Packers I believe it was the difference in order to defeat the awesome Steelers 3-4 defence as Green Bay basically shared.

The shift to offence or defence goes in waves, but of course the NFL over time tilts the rules to have more offence as they have since they started to enforce strictly the five-yard bump rule, in effect otherwise since 1978, for virtually no contact beyond five yards instead of all the shoving (but not bumping) up to 10 yards as the referees would tolerate (aka the Ty Law rule from 2003 after Peyton Manning complained after yet another playoff loss to the Patriots)

At least the NFL still requires two feet inbounds for receptions too, but here is one bad rule that I call the "Megatron Rule":


I'd be all for widening the field to 60 yards, but on the other hand maybe now we should hold off on that given the offensive explosion at hand. Here were a few ideas I had otherwise before, but these changes would be minor overall and now is not the time:


And despite my initial gripes on here on the new old kickoff spot, sure enough after changing tune about it I was right in that the change back to the 1993 rules for the spot of the kickoff has not had a negative effect on the return game.

Will read the article, thanks. Yes Paolo, widening the field in the NFL now with it becoming more and more a passing game with 4 downs would make it too difficult on the defences. 5 yard bump rule, yes, having an effect for sure.

I completely agree with Billick with this statement he makes:

It used to be said that in order to be competitive in the NFL, you had to be able to run the ball and stop the run. That's not the correct formula anymore.

4 downs is too hard for the Chiefs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indy will beat the Chiefs this Sunday and cover the spread :slight_smile:

4 downs in the CFL would be too easy...

I guess not, is Indy getting outcoached or perhaps other teams are on the upswing?
Edit: congrats to M. Vick on his record in QB rushing yards.

Three of the things that I prefer about the CFL game as opposed to the NFL game are the wider field, the deeper endzones, and the longer field (in that order, too).

What is odd I think is that since they have the narrower, shorter fields with shallow endzones, and we have the longer, wider fields with deeper endzones, it would stand to reason that they should have 3 downs and we're the ones with four downs.

That said, I wouldn't change to 4 downs for the CFL.

I love them both though both have at least one quirky rule though neither one that I have in mind is a major rule or a spoiler for either game.