Irreplaceable Cats!

As our season comes to a dissappointing end, which Cats over the years have been the hardest to replace.

1.Ozzy- since his retirement the kicking duties have been shaky at best. Today the team has two roster spots that Oz filled by himself.
Love the Oz.

All the hitters and bangers..... the only guy I've seen this year each and every game give it all was #42 Hitch...... He needs to stay with this team.. to go out on the high note he deserves.

Hitch has been awsome, that being said, Hitch has been being replaced befroe our eyes. Wanye Shaw has played the safety spot pretty well.

The offensive line of 1998-99

Chris shelling,Gerald Vaughn come to mind. Carl Coulter also.

Love #42 Long Time!!

The Wizard of Oz and Joe Montford.

ozzy and cooler.

I would also argue that we never adaquately replaced Andrew Grigg.

The REAL #1 - Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name)

NOT the current paycheque-casher wearing #1 Wayne Shaw. There is NOway he replaced Hitch at safety - he's nowhere to be seen on deep routes.

Earl for sure !!!!

Calvin Tiggle, and all the names mentioned above.

Darren Flutie is a name that is rarely bandies about.

Talk about your consumate pro. There's a football player who knew how to play the game.

Andy Petek.

Well if that's the case Zontar, then what about the previously great Antwoine Sanders.

Good topic...

How about Rocky DiPietro....

Sam Rogers, no on can watch a ball drop like him.

Grover Covington (I don't care what anyone says, Joe was no Grover), Rufus Crawford, Tony Champion, Earl (praise be his name :wink: ) Archie Amerson

Hey 'girl, I know who is irreplaceable to YOU…Paul Bennett. :wink:

I saw that from a mile away 'pope. I was going to say Wayne Lee but I’m still mad at him :smiley:

Can’t argue with Grover and Earl