Irreparable Damage

…This franchise is in trouble and it’s starting to show at the gate…Last night that beautiful stadium looked empty in a lot of areas…I would say fans paid for seats and stayed home…This perennial losing (23 years without a Cup) and now looking like it’s a task even making the playoffs in an eight team league (soon to be nine), is pitiful…The novelty of a new stadium will wear off and without a decent run product on the field could end in disaster…Shameful for a storied franchise like the Bombers…With a huge debt to repay, this club will be in big trouble if the revenue takes a serious hit…I know it’s an impossible task to turn this train-wreck of a season around but management better start giving the fans something to cling to other than promises…I look at the new CEO Miller as being a good choice and Walters with his CFL knowledge is a good choice but more has to be forthcoming from these individuals…A couple of quick trades were made (Parenteau lasted all of one game) and I know we’ve attempted to make a deal for a qb. and brought in some players (some of whom we have yet to see and may never)…It’s all looking so very half-hearted and the fans can sense it…It’s tough to make any deals as playoff clubs are not willing to jeopardize their Cup chances but something more concrete has to happen…Coaching is in limbo and the team looks to be in total disarray…We have two home games remaining, which I fear will be badly attended…It looks like Burke is done so why not ask him to take on the d co-ordinators position and let Bellefueille take the reins…At least we’ll see some movement and get to know if this combo would/could work…??? Tough times here and the year after year of producing very little is taking it’s toll…People will turn off completely if the forever losing continues…The damage has to be curtailed and END…

You guys have to get Joe Womack for G.M. The guy ran the Tillman show all the years he was successfull, as Tillmans main player personell guy. That, and the new Q.B. you will likely get in the off season, ie. Collaras, Tate, Levi Mitchell, Willy, Ottawa can only take 2 I think, so one of these will be with the Bombers next season. It all starts with Womack though. Go get him already, IMO.

That's kind of funny. Replace Absentee GM Joe Mack and a Wo and you get Absentee GM Joe Womack :slight_smile:

Makes writing the cheques easy on the way out.

The Bombers owe the fans a apology and should cut all food and drink (beer) prices in half for the last 2 games. It's embarrassing and this team has been getting worse from the 2nd half of 2011 to present. Nov 2 is the last game of the season. The Jets play the same time vs the Hawks. they may end up with 10 000 at IGF.

You know things are really really bad when Kubie isn`t even posting. . .