Irony... or hypocrisy?

Who are HT you again are losing it where do you get off saying the fans from Montreal or Calgary were indeed happy having the loser Lawrence Phillips on their respective teams. It cost our team a good back by the name of Kelvin Anderson and many fans were ticked. The Box king abd his merry joker men choose this to happen. So you can keep kissing Weed Williams butt who cares.

I agree the DG is meaning teams not the players.

and i also appreciate 3rd&10 making a whole thread trying to make me look stupid, instead of PM me for clairification...thanks buddy!

Hey, it was tongue-in-cheek... If you weren't the guy in the picture, you'd see the funny irony of seeing a fan invest time and energy into bashing a league, and then craving on its highest profile player when he joins his team...

but what u see as funny irony has no merit.

i'll be sure to start a thread about u, next time i dont see something your way.

just kidding, i wont.

Actually .... wasn't it Barker's decision, redwhite 2005?

You go DG I hope to be watching that game so I will be looking for the sign :rockin:

thank u, geo365

Well again you are in the dark who was making personnel decisions here at the time it was not Jim Barker! Do you remember slick Fred Fateri! So much for the air in that ballon!

Hmmmm ... ok ... got a flashlight for 3rd?

No one can argue the success of The NoFunLeague.

Halifax Grey Cup ... man would that be sweet ... "Keiths and Lobby"

I wonder if his new hero will appreciate the sign....