Irony... or hypocrisy?

This, was Drummer_God in Rogers Center on November 20, 2005.

And this, is Drummer_God's signature and new hero...

Funny how some things come back to bite you in the arse, eh?... :stuck_out_tongue:


He likes the CFL.

He likes the fact that Ricky will play in the CFL.

The CFL hasn't changed, nor has the NFL. Why should his feelings about the leagues change becuase one player goes to the other league.

It happens all the time.

Just like the fact that MONTREAL wanted Williams.I agree. :lol:

MONTREAL should have all Canadian players and no one from the NFL. :lol:

I would say it hypocrisy on his part and irony that for the CFL to get noticed by the American media at all , they have to sign a suspended NFLer.....

And I would say that MONTREAL

Winnipeg , EDMONTON , B.C. ect...have done just that!

Why is that hellothere?

And I believe Third and Ten is referring to the fact drummer god thinks the NFL sucks but he is very excited about on of the top running backs in the NFL coming to play in the CFL.

I had the same sign almost excatly. He is talking about an NFL team NOT coming to TORONTO , not a player. :lol:

WINNIPEG , EDMONTON , B.C. and MONTREAL , ALL have signed suspended players from the NFL , but only because TORONTO did it. It seems to be a crime. How about SASK? Don’t have a player who has been charged with 2 crimes.

My point is this is mostly about sour grapes and much ado about nothing. :roll:

MONTREAL wanted Williams as well. Talk about hypocrocy. :roll:


I'll be honest with you - the more guys who play in the NFL that come and play in the CFL in their prime, the better. Translated this means I really would like the CFL rules, not so much the field size but that as well, to be the standard for all gridiron football.
Man I wish the NFL would change but it just isn't going to happen.

I guess DG's new sign should read -- NFL sux, this is CFL country-- except for you RW.

Yep. I remember no one was proud to have him on the team. Fans were even afraid he'd get the team into trouble. And we kept cheering for Mike Pringle when he came back dressed in Green & Gold because we still wished he was our runner.

You're all excited about Ricky, the drug addict. We weren't about Philips, the jailbird. So what's your point?

I don't really care about Williams pot-smoking, I know there are players who do worse in the league. The better argument is honouring other leagues suspensions.

But anyways, my question to you, hellothere, is why should Montreal only have to play with Canadian players?

It was kind of a joke. It is not hypocrical to want SOME NFL players on your CFL team.All CFL teams have them , including MONTREAL. THIRD AND TEN , mis read the meaning of that sign. I know that because I talked to D.G. about this.

We don't want a WHOLE NFL team coming to Canada.

If 3rd was just joking , then it is funny. If he wasn't he got it all wrong.

So , if he feels so strongly about this , then MONTREAL should have no NFL players on their team , because they do. They also wanted Williams :wink: :wink:

hey, i like how this ricky thing will bring the CFL more attention....Ricky williams is not the NFL. hes a person.

had my sign read RICKY WILLIAMS SUX, then yes, id be a hypocrite.

ps, i plan on bringin an NFL SUX sign to the argos opener again, so all american media on hand can see.


DG, why the sign? I see no need to do this. I can understand your frustration there with so many NFL wannabee types in Toronto but really there is no need to bash the NFL. I would like the NFL to help market the CFL more and more as football is football, even with 2 separate leagues. I hope the NFL does help more in this way in the future.

thats up to u...u do your thing and i'll do mine.

last year, alot of people liked my sign, especially some guys from montreal....and some argo players i met said they rememberd the sign and liked it.

i think its rather funny.

kinda like when fans of WWF would go to WCW shows with signs bashing the other federation....its fun!

:thup: :thup:

You rock, Drummer

I have read your posts for months .... keep it up .... and join the Zone too


thank u 3rdDown, i respect your posts aswell.

But don't you think Williams is an NFL ambassador of some kind? I mean, especially since he is still under contract with an NFL team while being lenght to the Argos... :stuck_out_tongue:

Hellothere, I talked about being exited about the coming of a bad guy. And you answered about being worried by his onfield potential. Another proof that we can't hold a conversation with you. Your shiftyness from a point to another beats Ezra Landry's shiftyness hands down!

how can he be an NFL ambassador WHILE SUSPENDED FOR NOT CONFORMING?