Irony just for you Lions fans out there!

We all saw the posts about the pass interference non-call in the west semi. It was a hot topic in here, and in the Canadian sports media in general. I have a question. Do any of you Lions fans out there think that you caused such an uproar about that call, that the league instructed the officials to call any contact at the end of the Grey Cup to avoid a similar controversy? In essence, did you Lions fans inadvertently help the Eskies get the call that put them on the one yard line at the end of the game (Note, I am not complaining about the call. While I do think it was borderline at best, and I question whether or not the ball was catchable, the DB did make contact). Because let's be honest, in the past, that PI call at the end of a close game probably doesn't get called. Anyways, just something to chew on.

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