interesting article:

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I especially like this:
“When you make changes, you can’t doubt yourself because if you doubt yourself, then don’t make the change,? Hall said.

Then later in the article:
IN AND OUT: The Eskimos are taking another look at DB Randee Drew, who was released on July 6 after an injured biceps left him inactive throughout the preseason. He has not officially signed with the team but participated in Tuesday’s workout

not to mention the cutting and re-signing of a few receiver’s this season :?

Nothing odd about Drew's situation. He was injured, positions were filled and we needed roster space, plus if there's no need to use up SMS $$ then don't. Injuries re-opened the door and the fact that Drew walked right back in suggests that he wasn't that 'far away' from the team.
Sound management IMO.

That explains Drew, but what about the receivers? Was it Barnes we released so we could keep Hill? Then we released Hill and re-signed Barnes. Now if we re-sign Hill to replace Stamps… :roll:

And didn’t we release and re-sign AJ Harris at one time? Then there’s the guy who signed with Sask as a FA, but then wanted to come back to Edmonton, so we traded with Sask.

There’s no question this organization has made some head scratchers…

It was Rector we released then re-signed.

That's right!

  1. Hill had the 'lead' coming into camp and he won the spot. When that happened someone had to go - ie. Rector. Hill didn't cut it so Barnes took his spot and then Rector came in. Rector's ability to return kicks (coupled with the let down S Green has been and he's earned a spot).
  2. It is unlikely that Hill would replace Stamps - Kirkland is now the 'insurance' guy. However, in that case it's because TK tanks, Stamps stays injured and experience is needed.
  3. AJ Harris got beat out by Tyler Ebell. The guy that beat him out got injured. The door was still open for Harris to come back so he did. He performed well and so he was kept while TE was released. Eventually Harris wore out his welcome with the team (and the subsequent teams he was with. (Same situation with S Shabazz... when a decent player bounces from team to team but doesn't stick, then you know there's something else going on.)
  4. That was all the Joe McGrath's doing. He could've stayed with the Esks, but chose to sign as an FA so the Esks respected his wishes. He didn't like the way things were going in Sask (professionally and personally) so he asked for a trade. By that time the Esks needed help on OLine so they went with someone familiar with the team and the system.

I wouldn't say any of those are head scratchers at all. But I'll agree that the Esks (particularly under DM) made some odd (read: dumb) moves. Examples?

  • trading D Tsoumpas for J Commiskey. Sure JC was a proven starter and DT was a hopeful. Thing is, had the scouting been done they would've known DT was a keeper and it would have been a better move in the long run as part of re-loading on OLine.
  • drafting W Keane, the kicker who couldn't kick. A wasted high pick due (again) largely to bad draft scouting.
  • releasing Mobely before his due date and at a time when the team needed leaders to 'pass the torch'.

I remember when the Esks traded DE E Taylor for NI Rec A Talbot I thought 'that's dumb!' They need D Linemen for the rotation, not another NI Rec. Turns out they were concerned about K Peterson's leg and how it would hold out so the move turned out to be prudent indeed.

A team that needs to reach out and sign a player every time a starter gets injured is not a well-built team.

I believe we also lost Kamau Peterson at the start of the season, so we're down two starters. And Campbell doesn't really count. But I agree.


When players get injured for long stretches of time, you have to bring in replacements. Unless you are the Roughriders and you have at least ten players on IR constantly.

Not necessarily. The last couple years the Colts have had injuries at receiver, and they've used their back-ups instead of signing new guys.

Colts? as in Indianapolis?
The NFL rosters have 19 more players.

Are you sure about that? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the CFL carry 46 players, and the NFL 53.

has yet to happen this year.. (knock on wood)

I forgot the CFL increased the roster size by 4 this year.
The NFL field 22 positionplayers as opposed to 24: +2
roster size: 53-46: +7
Practice roster +4
So i guess the adjusted nfl difference is closer to 13 now that the CFL has increased their roster size.

Not including larger IR…