Iron Bowl

Completely off-topic, but a great football story nonetheless.

Did any of you catch the NCAA iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama (no. 1 ranked)? If you did, you missed one of the best football games ever played. A see-saw battle all night with long bombs, and just about everything you could have wished for.

BUT! The last play! The score was tied 28 all with just seconds to go. Alabama was going for a long FG which would have sealed the victory, but the FG attempt fell short and Auburn's Chris Davis caught the ball and ran it back for a TD! They'll be talking about that one for years!

Now the Als' connection! Jim Popp, get that young man's phone number and put him on your negotiation list somewhere. We need someone like that!

A 56-57 year attempt after a pass completion on which the receiver got out of bounds with 1 second left.

They ignored, or never considered, the risk of a return if the kick was missed. What a way to lose their #1 ranking.

They played to win. :thup:

I assume you mean the returner, because we already have a kicker like that.

Phil, t'as sûrement du sang beauceron!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: