IR in the CFL: how does it work?

has anything been said about how they are going to do the IR this season? are they going to do what they did in Halifax (which I hope they do!), do what the NFL does (with three time outs!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!), or come up with something completely different?

the spenses is killing me.

The expenses are killing me too.

I don't know what they'll do with the Injury Report. Probably just put the injured guys on it...

What did they do with IR's in Halifax??

....its ture the' irs' have been out in full force looking at expansion in's great someone is on top of things....are you 'high' on life again Kanga.......the spense is killing me sure know how to get everyone going lol... :lol:

NO one calls it IR anymore. Its now called HR for Human resources

You probably meant : "LMFFAO".

The Irish Republicans are comming to the CFL??? :shock: And I thought Kanga’s expansion to Alaska was bad!

Good question Kanga! Go to Ted Hellard who is on the board of govenors is on this sight regularly you can ask him that question and probably get a good answer.

You really are inviting him to another site that you frequent??

Do you really want that on your conscience?

Why not ? He wants to know he can find his answer there, if he posts there then what is the problem?

He might decide he likes it there and begin to frequent the message board, hijacking threads with misspelled and unintelligible rants about the "Action Point", getting high, and his ADHD or whatever it is.

But hey, better the Stamps site than this one. :smiley:

IR: Install Reply or coach challenges (but I'm glad you guys have fun at my expense when I was playing SMS (Super Mario Strikers))

they had the unseal one time out per team in each half, but added that they would each have 2 independent challengers in each half, and each challenge had a timer of 90 sec.

I REALLY LOVED THIS SYSTEM!!! and I hope that how they are going to do it this season.



and on another note, I've been watching the NFLE a bit the last few weeks, and they meationed the diiferent rules they had, which are...

  1. 4 point FGs: been there, ****** that
  2. 35 sec clock: we (CFL fans) have 25 secord clock here in the CFL, no issue here
  3. Game Clock starts after an Incomplete Pass: I don't like this rule, but I can't come up with a really good reason why, so I hope somebody on here can.
  4. Intentional Grounding will NOT be called when the Passer is in the pocket and Throwing a Forwand Pass near or beyond the Line of Smmirge: WHAT???

See why you don't use abbreviations, KK? Generally speaking, IR doesn't stand for replay, it's used for injury lists. How on earth do you expect people to have a clue what you're talking about?

no idea, just read that IR was used alot to mean Install Reply so I gave it ago.


bump* you who? hello, anybody home?

I've never heard it abbreviated.

Obviously no one has an answer for you. If they did, they would have answered the question.

Hooray for the spenses! :lol:

Install reply? Like, adding the reply function to an email system?


You want to reply to a football? Odd.....