iPad in US and ESPN3

I was looking to watch some CFL games online butbagain this year my ISP does not carry ESPN3. But, I just bought an iPad which iuses ATT for the Internet and they are on the list as having ESPN3, but I went through the registration for ATT and it still says I can't view ESPN3. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to my CFL fix.

get a friend in Canada to send you an extra Bell reciever... watch all the games on TSN. your dish net dish will work.


Welcome Flyf21 we've pounded this topic into the ground for months already in the above link up and through the 11th hour announcement by the NFL Network.

If you can't get ESPN 3 just forget that and try www.channelsurfing.net just as I am using at work right now to view the TSN feed on about a 10-second delay. Your network better be decent though, and I doubt it will work too well if you are moving around a lot lest you are on a major freeway.

Try it on Sunday night for the game at 7:00PM ET, and if you are still having problems just post on the link above for more help from the "CFL Underground" via radio and other possible online options. :thup: