Invite to THF Showcase

I recieved an invite to THF Showcase, I since found out that the April 2 date is booked and was asked
if we could make it on the 3rd. Who is all going?

What's the THF Showcase?

I got the invite too but I think it is a veiled season ticket promotion. If you are going, let us know what it was about.

by mail, E-mail or did your ticket rep contact you?

I received an email inviting me to the event at 1 Jarvis.

[i]Dear Patrick,

Join us on Wednesday, April 2 from 6 - 8 p.m. for an exclusive showcase of Tim Hortons Field. Click here for a visual tour and more insight into the event. Complimentary food and beverage and a meet and greet with Ticats players included.

More details are provided in the invitation below. If you have any questions, please call one of our customer service reps at 905-547-2287.
To RSVP to this event, please e-mail Lyndsay at ...

i didnt get mine i guess im not a important sth

Did you watch the video? As I suspected, it’s just a sales promotion so existing STHs don’t need to go. The whole thing is a come on for people on the fence about buying tickets.

Hi Everyone,

The Showcase Events, which will be held at the Ticats head office in April, are for fans who are looking to become season seat holders. The event will feature information pertaining to 2014 seating options that are still available at Tim Hortons Field. At this point all of our event dates have hit capacity. We will be hosting more events in the future, including an event exclusively for season seat holders. Stay tuned for more details!

Any questions you may have you can always call our Service Team at 905-547-2287.

For the record there is no such thing as "not an important season ticket holder". It is the season ticket holders who are the principal source of support for the 2014 Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and who have provided the bulk of the Ticat's resources since 1869.

Although with over 10,000 STH's we don't always get our communications to each of you as consistently and accurately as we would like.

Never hesitate to let us know what we can do to make your game day experience even more fun and entertaining. That is one of the primary purposes of these forums. Although calling your ticket rep directly is always even more effective.

Cheers, Bob.

I love that Bob reads this forum and chimes in occasionally. It really helps with the connection to the team.

You may like me chiming in, but it makes our business office nervous. They never know what I'm going to say that might conflict with the information they are trying to convey. My post above being a good example. They sent me a note saying "Bob, you did know we've sold a lot more than 10,000 STHs?".

The point is we don't have that many more great Season Tickets still available, and our business office guys didn't want casual readers of these forums to be disappointed.

I went to this event back on September 25th after I had renewed my tickets on the 23rd. It was a nice event. Got to meet my ticket representative(s), new & old, and put a face to the name, which is always good. Got to chat with Glenn Gibson.

If you had any questions about the new stadium or anything about the TiCats outside of on-the-field product, they were there to answer your questions.

I had a sandwich, some crudite dip, a soda, and a nice time. My GF & Daughter enjoyed the view from high-up in downtown Hamilton. We all enjoyed being able to speak directly to people in the organization about the things that we like(d) & dislike(d) about the Ivor Wynne & Alumni Experience and what we look forward to with THF. Whether it means anything when it all comes to fruition, I don't know. We got to speak to all very nice people and the view was great ... sandwiches not bad.

It was a welcome way of treating STH's. Thank-you to all involved.

Dear Caretaker Bob, can you get someone to investigate the construction camera issue? How can casual fans get excited about the new stadium if they can't see the progress of the construction? Two of the cameras are still operational, just not on the Ticats website.