invite spergeon wynn to training camp?

The Argos didn't re-negotiate his deal, so it looks like Toronto is about to jettison him in favour of Crouch and Bishop, and possibly Allen (at a lower salary). In 2007, a year when the cap is slowly starting to matter, the Argos don't have the cap room to keep all of these guys financially happy.

I thought Wynn stunk...up until the Argos gave him a shot last year. If he's put in the right system, (like one commanded by Taaffe),I think he can compete. He certainly has the physical tools (very tall, cannon for an arm, ability to throw deep, not afraid to run). I actually think Wynn would put heat on Maas for #1, and would certainly be an upgrade from Eakin at #2. I hope Desjardins invites Wynn to camp. Honestly, what other CFL-calibre QB with experience as a starter can Desjardins bring to camp to compete with Maas? I don't think McManus, Jason Johnson, Tee Martin, Rocky Butler, Darnell Kennedy, etcetera, are the answer.

Sorry, to my mind Mr. Wynn doesn't cut it. Didn't look good in BC; was only fourth string in Winnipeg in 2005(good heaven's if you can't beat out Tee Martin and Russ Michna, you better start looking for another line of work); then this year he looked dreadful, and couldn't even get the Argos past midfield in a game against Montreal.

Surely you can find a better QB somewhere else (now I agree there's no point in looking at Kennedy or Martin; Jason Johnson we don't know, he's hardly ever played, and his only claim to fame is that he beat out Khari Jones in training camp not once but twice; Butler I think has upside, and he did beat you guys twice last year).

Wynn looked good enough against us this year. Maybe he could look good for us?

I've never thought he would amount to much, but in the absence of better prospects he'd be worth inviting to camp. Maybe with the right coaching he could be better?

The Argos have failed to develop a number of young QBs over the past few years, just like us. Maybe there are other issues beyond the players' potential that have been a factor.

I think Spergon should be the Ticats starting QB next year. :thup: :twisted:

There is not a QB in the league - first, second or third string - who didn't look good against our defense this year.

For similar reasons, no doubt they all look amazing in the Cats' training camp. And then, alas, eventually they are required to play against another team.

Hahaaaa!!! That one made me laugh.

An Argo fan

is michael Bishop a free agent, Ticats should try to sign him imo good combo at qb with Maas

Wynn has the physical ability, jury is still out on if he has the smarts.

He did do some good in BC, winnipeg never gave him a chance, and he had an injury at the start of the season.

It wouldnt hurt to give him a look.

ticatsackattack wrote:
" I actually think Wynn would put heat on Maas for #1, and would certainly be an upgrade from Eakin at #2." more of this kind of talk!!! Maas in the running for #1 QB????
I wake up at 3 o clock every morning from this nightmare scenario.
I hate to repeat myself but Maas should have been run out of town months ago, never to return. Surely we can do better.

Bring back Jon Beutjer!

Can't argue with that (e.g. Rocky Butler, Superstar).

But in terms of young QBs with league experience, and presuming that Desjardins doesn't unearth someone promising, Wynn might be worth a look. He's one of the few with an arm.

That was just one game . Overall i thought our defence did pretty well . They lost Cheatwood to injury as well as Peterson and Cotton was never right from the get go . Goss was probably our best cover DB and he left the team part way thru .Overall, with the injuries ect we did pretty well .

The guy can play, flat out.

Bishop over Wynn in a heartbeat.

Bishop comes in and plays well off the bench and suddenly he's Godlike. Bishop was, is and always will be a million dollar arm with a 10 cent brain.

He has grown up Pseudo, I read an article recently and he lost one of his parents and is looking at life differently. And he's a bit older. Not saying this has affected his intelligence perhaps but I think he might be smart enough to be a pretty decent qb in the CFL now, not before, but now. Maturity at times can be a real plus, even if you're not a Einstein.

Bishop will want starter money. If we go after him, Maas will be gone.

Albert was also notable for never throwing into triple coverage. :wink:

Sample Dialogue:

Coach A: Why did you throw into triple coverage???

Bishopesque QB: Didn't you hear what Marty York wrote about me? He said I can throw through a brick wall!

Coach A: The wall on the last play was a) not wearing our uniform and b) had two defenders wearing the same uniform around it. Answer me!!!


Oski Wee Wee,[/b]

spergeon wynn looked good CONSIDERING he hadn't played a down in almost 3 years....

it clearly slowed his decision making abilitys in the pocket....

but his arm was strong and spirals were always tight, and accuracy was bang-on.

if the argos are dumb enough to release him ( remember kent austin was fired partly cuz he didnt make new plays to fit spergeons ability, instead using damon allen plays ), i'd pick him up....maybe all he needs is a year or two, cuz he clearly has the tools to be a quality player.

The problem is ,you need a brain to go with that arm.