Invincible Eskimos????????????????

Just a thought for consideration:

    • Ricky Ray passes for 5000 yards
    • Esks acquire the leading rusher in the league last season= Troy Davis.
    • 56,000 mostly Eskimo fans at Commonweath stadium
  • Maybe the Eskimos fans should be worried about the future not celebrating it.
    --Just a thought for consideration!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide
CFL Rocks

This man shows his genius yet again. turkeybend, the Saskatchewan prodigy.

The Esks win because refs are given large bags of money from Hugh Campbell after every Eskimo victory or Rider loss.

Old news.

I thought he took them out for dinner and beers!

Oh, I forgot to ask, WHO WON THE PLAYOFF GAME IN EDMONTON LAST YEAR???????????????????????????????

Rider Pride Nation Wide
CFL Rocks

Who has won only a pathetic two grey cups throughout their existence?

That would be the riders.... oh, you may have been asking that sarcastically, right.... I get it, I get jokes. :slight_smile:

I think the game shows that there are a lot of good teams out west, and that the playoffs wil be exciting, no matter what.

Yeah i agree wit a few of you, they mise aswell call this league the HCFL, Hugh Campbell football league. It is just unbeleivable. I hate the NFL with a passion, but atleast there offiacting is top notch!

The riders D never allowed a touchdown on saturday. I mean, not actually, Ray never got in. That is a pretty good stat for playing at Commenwealth.

.....the ball crossed the line.....that's all that counts, and that's what I saw on replay.....

It depends on which team your cheering for.... (You're objective) For us neutral people, ANY piece of the ball can TOUCH the goal line...Which it did by the reverse angle camera, so a touchdown was correctly awarded.

Either way, one touchdown allowed by the visiting team at Commenwealth ? pretty decent. The riders just needed to capitalize on offence.

I think I heard the announcers mention in the first half that Ray hadn't thrown a TD in 10 quarters.....if that was true, then he still hasn't thrown a TD in 12 quarters.....I find that amazing from a QB of his calibre.....

Well, hopefully for our sake, he continues that stretch up into the playoffs. Quite unlikely, but hey..... like you said, who'd have thunk he'd go much more than 4 quarters without one, especially considering the receiving core he's got to throw to.