Invincible a must see!!!!!!!!

Just saw the movie Invincible ,it was fantastic!!!This is the tpye of player that the Tictas need,infact Bob Young should treat his whole team to the movie and popcorn.You have to play with heart and soul
and that is why Dick Vermiel chose him to play
for the Eagles,he inspires others to raise thier play!

Haven't seen the movie, and don't know much about the guy's career, but doesn't he get cut like after one season?

just saw it tonight and it was a great movie, really inspiring, ticat players should deffinantly watch it and learn something, in fact, the ticat organization should hold a open tryout after this season? hey, we get a new coach it just might happen haha

and your point is ?

its an overrated hollywood story, the guy only plays 3 seasons, never leads to the superbowl, he was only a special teams guy, he didnt tear it up, never made a pro bowl. The movie is BS they should be making NFL movies about Warren Moon's sturggles as a QB and ending up in the Hall of Fame, not some wannabe jock teacher who makes a below-average last place team based on a joke tryout. The movie is a big joke, and wahlberg is an overrated actor, go back to rap.

i saw it the other week and thought it was pretty good.

by the way you talk you have not even seen the why don't you just shut your trap and let people who have actually seen it and want to comment on it...the movie is about his life and the struggles that he endured throughout it all the way to making it on a NFL team, I think its a great story and if you haven't even seen it then you shouldnt say anything. Or maybe your just jealous that some regular guy could make it on an NFL team and you can't? Your the joke buddy!

Some people have to learn how to have a good time! Ti-Cat fans can still have a good time watching Allen pass for 70 000 Monday :smiley:. Well, when I pay 40 bucks to go see a movie it better be entertaining and not a documentary as I have cable for that. This movie is exactly that, it has a cool story and you end up rooting for the underdog. Its nice to see a good football movie as there have been so many duds and I see another crappy one coming out with the Rock I think.

i auctailly think that one might be good to lol.

like "Invincible" Jesse Lumsden could
be our Home town Hero...and spark the
team....I hope cats sign him to any
length of contract.

the movie is overrated, don't waste your money at the theatres for this hollywood nonsense, save your money and download the movie.

We hold open tryouts like this I'm pretty sure every year. That's how we found Jonta Woodard.