Investors Group Field........

...Name of the new digs in Winnipeg.....Nothing to adventerous in that handle ....How many 'fields' are there in North America????? :lol: Well here's another one....Will be the name for the next 12 years...AND it certainly will pay some bills... :wink:

im looking forward to reading the financial details of this deal.

investor's group field sounds good to me if the price was right. :thup:

I'm still surprised BC Place hasn't been renamed. I think it may have something to do with the Whitecaps and Lions sponsors conflicting.

Empire Fields naming rights went unsold as well...I think that they are teying to hit a home run....Where as the Bombers sold the nameing rights for there old stadium for about 500K

I don't mind the name at all.

Nothing official on the cost, only that it is thought to be much more than the $1.5M for 10 years that Canad Inns paid.

I know it's a trivial matter, but I hate the names of arenas/stadiums.

Air Canada Centre
TD Banknorth Garden
Izod Center
Quicken Loans Arena
FedEx Forum
FedEx Field
Lincoln Financial Field
AT&T Center
US Airways Center
Bank of America Stadium
Investors Group Field

No personality...

I know why teams do it, but I still hate it. :lol:

should have been great west life stadium.

or Power Corp Field

Why (especially regarding Power Corp)? Investors Group is a Winnipeg based company investing in the community. That's fine with me.

:thup: :thup:

Kinda reminds me of the begining of Basketball...

...sort of unrelated, but back when Vancouver's NHL arena was GM Place it was affectionately known as The Garage, and I saw a sig once in a forum that went: 'fans of the canucks should realize that the garage is where all the tools are kept'

...always had a good lol out of that..

Wanted to add but couldn't edit my post:

Power Corp also has a majority ownership interest in Investors Group but have no direct coporate presence in Manitoba that I know of (ie head office in Montreal).

Money talks, fair enough. Here in Hamilton given a very visible highway location, naming rights would have paid for the stadium much quicker than the current location, which I don't mind BTW but it doesn't have the visibility appeal for naming rights. But people here squashed highway locations as I guess they felt it wasn't worth it, c'est la vie. :?


Oh for crying out loud Earl, just give it a rest. And no, it wasn't worth it, because there is no value to visible highway locations, especially since games are going to be on freakin' television anyway...

but great west life does and I think it would sound better and is connected to IG

That's brilliant! :lol:

Everyone has nicknames for stadiums whose name stinks. I'm surprised though McDonald's didn't make a go for buying the rights, painting it gold and going with "Golden Arches Stadium" given those metal beams at the top of it. Heh

I like the name. This may be just me but "field" sound cooler than "stadium". As for BC place, I think Grims is correct.

There's a conflict because the Whitecaps are sponsored by Bell, but I think it will be resolved and the dome will be renamed Telus Place. Than that section of downtown could be known as "telecom alley" since ****** Place where the Canucks play is across the street.

The Field.

ya someone should name their stadium "The Field"