Investors Group Field Was a Mistake.

As I expected, 33000 seats was way too many seats in the modern age of the CFL. Putting the stadium in the burbs with no LRT does not help, but 11000 ( officially)empty seats tonight speak volumes to how badly the Bombers overestimated their market. The Bombers could of saved 30 odd million if they made the stadium smaller, but more importantly, could have had demand for their tickets. I suggested years ago that 27000 would of been enough seats, turns out that I was maybe a little high. With less than 20000 actual fans in the building tonight, I definitely can foresee tarped off sections at IGF in 2016. Building so many seats in the endzone was a huge mistake. Those seats will only sell once a year for the banjo bowl.

I was there for a game last year, you are right way too many endzone seats !! getting to the stadium is another problem :thdn:

Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton stadiums is the way to do it, actually all of these stadiums have the capacity to add seats for the BIG Game if need be !! :thup: :thup:

In a Huge Stadium like that :roll:

A lot of people from Winnipeg ripped into Tim Horton's Field for being small. For going from 30,000 to 22,500 (without the lounges, boxes or club seating, I think the stadium seats around 24,000 with all the boxes, club seats and lounges filled). I guess hindsight is 20/20. Maybe you can reno the seats into a tiered patio?

I went to a game last year and its a huge joke. Winnipeg has no actual transit system other than busses, so you have to bus into the university campus and the travel time is ridiculously long.. I called it last year that tarps would be going up in 2015. I pushed that back to 2016 after the Grey Cup was awarded.

For another 40 million dollars... I think the Bombers are screwed.

it going to end up like Rogers Centre, eventually they will play in a smaller stadium :lol:

In what dream world is it that a team on a 7 game skid at the end of the season and the weather turning into winter do you fill ANY stadium? Their attendance is fine over the course of the season, and as the team improves, so will the attendance. This club had been setting attendance records for multiple years, a blip for a year or 2 was due.

The stadium is still not up to standards for a Grey Cup :roll:

I’m curious what the Hammer beakers are going to bark off about the new Regina Stadium down the road.
The Winnipeg Stadium is not fit for a Grey cup Game - tc23 you are a little posh blind.

I'm interested what the people of Saskatchewan will say about it. There are still a lot of pissed off people it is being built, some pissed it is not enclosed, and from what I have seen has far too many endzone seats ratio wise.

The Bombers stadium is just fine, I haven't been there yet but on TV looks great. Sometimes people have to stop being so negative . Where I live they built this bridge with 3 lanes going each way people complained that it was to big for the area, 15 years later and that same bridge has a backlog every morning . Winnipeg population is growing so will attendance.

But the press box constructed in the northwest corner goes past that point.

In fact, it’s so bad that the stadium as it’s currently configured can’t host a Grey Cup game. No way.

This design was approved over and over again, with little thought, apparently, about the media.

Well, that attitude is going to produce some bad ink, initially, and a pretty penny in renovations down the road — if they ever want to host a Grey Cup.

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Prove it with a link please.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Prove what?

That people are pissed about the stadium? Did you seriously never see a poll or listen to the radio and hear people saying it was unacceptable that a new stadium was being funded before a children's hospital?
That there are lots of endzone seats compared ratio wise? Take 3 seconds and google images of it
That there are lots of people that are pissed there isn't a roof? Of course there are, but many people can't grasp fiscal responsibility.

I personally support the stadium, but it has been discussed lots.

Yea some people will use the lamest excuse possible to dump on someone else’s team/city. :roll:

get a life

should build for the future. All stadiums should be between 30 and 33 thousand,

Ten years, maybe 15, from now, there will be higher demand and regrets of some stadiums being too small.

A couple things have hurt attendance in Winnipeg. As mentioned the team is eliminated... and the return of the NHL.

Slow it down a bit before passing these major judgements. Bombers are on a upswing for the first time in awhile.
A bit too early to talk about tarping off seats.
Also looking at the venue for international soccer as well. Canada is looking to expand its soccer footprint in different regions in Canada. Montreal, Vancouver, Ontario all have soccer venues.
In the Prairies. FCE plays in NASL at Clarke which is being built around the pitch. Common wealth is huge. Leaves both the mid Manitoba and Sask and right now IGF is great for soccer at high levels. If need be for some major mens events adding temp natural grass makes it among the best stadiums to play and watch soccer in Canada.