Investors Group Field is a Mess !

Gary Lawless was on TSN Winnipeg and is reporting the concourse level has to be ripped up and re-done because of severe leaking causing major damage ! There is a design flaw in that transport trucks for concerts cannot access the field. Construction will start after the Grey Cup to fix all the problems !

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...that doesn't sound good

somehow rogers and co must be responsible. Bribes, sabotage and what not :wink:

Classic Canadian media, only reporting the negative stories. Just a bunch of wannabe Americans. They'd never report this stuff if it happened in a No Fun League stadium. :wink:

Well, based on whom certain posters blame for almost everything, the fault must lie with one or a combination of the following:

David Braley


Eric Tillman

Chris Rudge?

Mike Kelly?

The Gliebermans?

This was brought up during construction. I guess they were right.

Was the company that built this Toronto high-rise involved in the construction of IGF? :wink:

Hundreds affected after water pipe burst in midtown high-rise

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Youre assuming this would happen in an NFL stadium. Stadiums in the US are not bare bones corner cutting buildings as they are in Canada, they are billion dollar projects.

You pay for what you get (tax payers that is).

For sure, would never happen in a major league stadium. :lol:

Citi Field faces water damage, faulty wiring

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This is the last post on this subject as a matter of fact I am sad it was ever posted this is not news there have been minor problems that have been fixed over time....they are fixed the owners of the stadium are now simply taking the contractors to court how in gods name this is even an issue this sad. I love Canada but we are a country full of busy bodies....slow news day folks the sky is not falling on to something important

BBTIM it is of course news TODAY. As mentioned in the CBC story much of the information in the news stories and the decision to sue are based on a report that was just released last week.

Triple B hired a Winnipeg architectural firm last summer to examine the problems. A report, completed last week, concludes that "during the design and construction of the stadium there was insufficient attention to the management of water drainage and heating, poor execution of critical details and poor construction quality control."
In the Metro story very timely comments
“While we are extremely disappointed that we have had to deal with continuous and ongoing issues since we became the primary tenant in 2013, we believe [b]today[/b] is an important step forward in attempting to have them resolved,? Miller said.

Triple B Stadium chair Andrew Konowalchuk told CJOB Radio that it’s unclear how much it will cost for all the remediation work. “Triple B and the Winnipeg Football Club spent $4.7 million worth of remedial work that either has been complete or is underway currently,? he said. “Further testing is required ."

So this is hardly an old news story.

It would have to be an extraordinarily BUSY news day for this NOT to get significant play in Winnipeg media. If remotely similar things were to be happening a year or two from now with Tim Hortons Field here in Hamilton I would be shocked if it was not front page news in Hamilton at that time and I'm sure there would be accusations of the media covering things up if it wasn't well covered.

Could you imagine the media indignation if 10,000 fans turned up for the Grey Cup but their seats weren't installed yet? This happened at the Super Bowl in Dallas but the media was told to play in down (it didn't make the NFl look good.) The NFL had to buy tickets and provide accommodation and travel for all those whose seats weren't bolted in for the next SB...which cost the league millions.

I blame the hippies

Even better,could you imagine the media indignation if someone turned the lights off at the Grey Cup :oops:

You'd never see that HAPPEN in the NFL at the Super Bowl :roll: Oh wait a minute,never mind,move along NOTHING to see here !! :wink:

Didn't know that Xvys about the seats and the Super Bowl. If that was the Grey Cup, the Canadian media would have had a huge field day with it.

This is the typical reaction, let's search the internet and try to find a negative story about the NFL........... :roll: This will solve the Winnipeg problem. What does this have to do with the Investors group field problems? anther attempt to hijack the thread and change the subject to start NFL bashing?
Yes the NFL had to buy tickets and provide accommodation and travel, yes it was embarrassing, yes it cost the NFL millions. Yes there was a power outage at the SB, no it's never happened at the GC.

Now we all feel much better after reading that and therefore the taxpayers of Manitoba should not get any money back . The media should never report negative stories that involve the CFL :roll:

Well I guess it's a good thing the Heritage Classic is delayed after all!

But at the end of the day, all leagues will have problems with new stadiums much like buying a new house is not wart free either.

it's too back IGF has these issues but they're getting taken care of. The Bombers are not going to suffer just like when the lights went out during the SB, the game eventually went on. Better than the old Boston Garden in the 88 cup final...they had to re schedule the game back in Edmonton.

First World Problems. :slight_smile:

I'm having the same reaction as you Slimjim. This is unfortunate and eventually what needs to be fixed will be fixed and somebody will pay.

I do find it funny and somewhat ironic that it is Xvys who has dragged the NFL into this discussion about problems with Winnipeg's stadium considering he tends to go on a rant about once a month that people talk about other sports leagues too often in these threads

Next time you drag the NFL into these CFL forums Xvys you might at least want to have your facts right.

It wasn't 10,000 seats not installed yet in Dallas. It was 1,250 temporary seats that were there that the fire marshall at the last minute deemed unsafe. The NFL managed to accommodate about 800 of those 1,250 in other seats in the stadium (in corporate boxes etc.) leaving less than 500 out of luck that the NFL offered various reimbursement options. (And no it did not cost the NFL 'millions').

And far from the NFL hushing it up, the story was all over the media. In fact it was first reported and covered DURING the live pre-game show by the network doing the Super Bowl that year - including shots of the empty sections of seats and they even interviewed an NFL spokesperson and talked to a couple of the fans affected outside the stadium live on air during the pre-game show.

Here just one of the literally thousands of stories covering that story - this from the New York Times - ... .html?_r=0

And how a blackout in New Orleans is related to a leaky roof in Winnipeg is beyond me. I guess if I'm Hydro One maybe I should be blaming the NFL for all the blackouts here in Southern Ontario earlier this week?

Dion Phaneuf.