Invest in HAMILTON and the New Stadium !

every hamilton, ontario, and canadian taxpayer is paying to build this already. if you choose to give a $1000 extra on top of your tax portion thats up to you, but I think the fact that it will cost each hamilton mother, father and child over $200 but closer to about $500 in the end. Maybe you should give 1000 dollars to the auto makers so your next car is a little cheaper or give it to the banks so they can lend it back to you at 10%?. The tigercats arent a charity nor is the pan am games although they do want handouts to survive. Mr Young telling stories of every hamilton schoolkid giving a dollar towards building the old civic stadium doesnt fool me and shouldnt fool anyone else.
Taxpayers have the DOH-RAY and the ticats have the ME.

Don't give up your money so fast. Last time I heard, Bob Young is a billionaire. He is the only character in this whole discussion who can afford it. Not saying that he should pay for it all, however I'm pleased that he is at least offering to contribute. Let the process run its course but don't be fooled to give up anything extra.

Bingo. I love the Ticats, but my tax dollars are already paying for a portion of that stadium. I can't afford to give MORE money to the cause and I don't think that makes me a bad fan. Tom has a very good point and he's a great fan. Saying that he's not going to be so quick to jump in with a donation until he finds out the $$ bottom line for tickets doesn't make him a bad fan either.

Getting season tickets or going to as many games as you can is all that is warranted IMHO from the average person out there still paying a mortgage and trying to save some money for kids education, bills etc.

Give what you can based on your love for the Tiger-Cats and based on your income.

Despite being a relatively new season ticket holder (going on year 6) I have quickly grown a strong affinity for this team, its fans, and the many different points of view held within these forums. I have gone from a casual fan to one who looks forward to attending every home game. This is due, in large part, to the people that I've met at the games over that time. (as a side note, within the last 2 seasons, I have also found myself in front of the tv for away games) At the new stadium (should the bid be won), it is my hope that it could host other events from which enough money could be dervied so that the city could (at least) break even in terms of operating costs or could (maybe) make a small profit. I understand the notion that one's property tax should be contribution enough towards the stadium - we do pay our share. Having said that, I think tc23's is a very positive sentiment. My wife and I plan to contribute.

It's cool to finally see a thread like this.

I talked about something along these with another Ti-Cat fan awhile back. I was actually just reading another post thinking about this idea again, and lo and behold here is a discussion about it!

How many other stadiums around the league are in trouble? Toronto needs their own facility as the Skydome isn't a great place for football, Hamilton of course, the Ottawa ownership is awaiting the city of Ottawa's support on fixing their stadium, I am thinking Cannad's but I could be wrong ..

My point is, what if this message was spread across the country. Forget the Pan-am games - forget the cities. Our taxes are already high enough and who knows what they are spending our hard earned dollars on?

What if CFL fans starting building these stadiums and it was they (us) who owned them. What does a stadium cost? 10 million? If you look at an average capacity crowd of 30,000, 9 CFL teams (I will never give up on the hopes of Ottawa returning to the league), that gives us around 270,000 CFL fans (and I hope I am way under-estimating this here - this is just an example), that's $37 per fan.

And that's to build a new stadium. What is it going to cost to fix Frank Clair Stadium and now Ivor Wynne to get Ottawa back on the field, then keep us on.

The entire league needs the remaining 8 and the hopes of a renewed Ottawa to survive. So it's up to the country in my eyes, not just the individual cities, to help one another out.

Once these repairs are done, let's say we start with Hamilton. And maybe there is a stadium in much dire straits. I just know of our stadium's history. Now we have a year long stadium building drive. The new stadium is then called CFL Hamilton Stadium or something like that. Let's plug our league and not some corporate giant. I am tired of the Rogers Centres or GM Place. They sell the stadium and the name changes. I miss Maple Leaf Gardens, Boston Gardens, etc. I know we need corporate sponsorship but enough is enough. (sorry, digressing).

It's fine if they want this stadium to be multi-use, but these stadiums should be owned by the CFL. Not the city, not the team, not some corporate billionaire. The fans (owners), should have a say in the business of these stadiums as well. A say in their investment.

That's my two cents worth. Great discussion by the way. It's been a long while since I have been on here. I miss our cats. Honestly, I love IWS where it is. Also because I can walk there, but I just love the atmosphere there. I wish they could just duplicate this stadium in a more suitable location. Would be nice to have outdoor concerts at the new CFL Hamilton Stadium. :slight_smile:

Cheers Cats fans.

Just one more thing. I love the cats, but I don't think tax payers should have to pay to fix either or build a new stadium, if they don't go to games? What I don't like about taxes, is that we really don't get a breakdown (and we really deserve a detailed one), on where our tax money goes.

If we build the stadium as an investment, then we should be getting reports on how our investment is performing, therefore feeling good at the end of the day that our money is being spent properly. And to build something we use, believe in, or simply just agree that we need as a community.

And that's what the Cats are about. Not sports. Community.

Interesting point...just not sure where to get these $10m stadiums. Philly's soccer stadium is going to be about $50m this year -- so, I think we can, at the very least say we'd be looking at 4 times, or so, the cost you've outlined. But, I think it'd be closer to 6 or 7 times.

So, every CFL fan would be looking to kick in close to $280.

I figured I was off a bit on my stadium 'rough' estimate. :slight_smile: I am sure I am way off the fanbase too. Let's bump that number to 500,000 fans. Now it's $120. :slight_smile: Even if you are looking at $300 a pop, if it was a year drive, if you invested $25 a month for that year, you'd have your $300 investment.

As someone eluded to, it could cost Hamilton tax payers (football fans or not), $500 bones each in the long run. Now it costs football fans $300, but now we all own a part of something. Heck, if money is bad and you lose your job, you should have the option to put your CFL Stadium stocks up on the CFL market to trade if you really need to. Kind of like Sellaband. You can opt out at any time, for any reason.

It would also be nice if some billionaire didn't buy half of the shares. Maybe there should be a maximum limit so there are no majority owners.

Perhaps I am a dreamer, but I think there is a better way than letting the city decide our fate as a franchise. Ottawa is the biggest example of a teams fate riding in their hands.

Wow, At first I was skeptical but the more I read the more I liked it. What about buying shares in the Canadian Football League and then they can decide where best to spend the money for the good of the whole League and we become stakeholders in this League that we love so much. Give shareholders some preferred treatment like early choice of season's tix or discounts for tix when we travel to another city to see a game. The CFL is so damn lean and mean after 30 yrs of struggle to survive that it could be one of the best bets to put our money in these uncertain economic times. :thup:

I love that idea too. What I like about investing in 'projects', like stadium builds, is then you own something. I guess you could argue that in your scenerio, that you own a part in a league, and not just a part in one or two stadiums?

Glad you liked it SportScallion. I am sure the CFL community could take this topic to whole new levels.

I am serious about this. I want Ottawa back ASAP. Let's buy the stadium as a community. Raise the funds to buy it off the city, then the funds to fix it. Maybe the cities will sell the stadiums to us cheap with the money they'll save in stadium repair costs, etc. Frank Clair is just sitting there now I imagine.

And while we are at it, let the fans decide the ticket prices. And by demographics perhaps. Kind of like it should be cheaper to see a game in Buffalo as opposed to New England. A team like Buffalo shouldn't lose their franchise because of money, and the same should hold true to our league.

And beer needs to be cheaper. Let's build a micro brewery in the new stadium and attach a bar to it. :slight_smile: $7 for a beer?? Calm on.

Create our own night life around the stadium. Make it a place to come and watch the game when you can't get tickets. "Come hear the roar of the stadium at the Tiger-Town Pub.

And no more bottled water. Give me water out of a filtered tap and charge me $0.50 for the recyclable cup.

Hey, Hamilton is due to finally get something right on the sports construction scene in these parts. Toronto got the ACC "hanger" right (not the Skydome), London the JLC - Hamilton has messed up with Copps and the AHL so let's do this right for the Ti-Cats, USL team and stop making us the laughing stock of the sports scene in this area.

...32 wins... 93 losses..1 7 years....not going to see a red cent from me until i see this stat change...who is going to take accountabilty for this on the management side....

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :D :rockin: Ti-Cat Micro-Brew! $5!

I hope that is brew with no metallic taste, a nice crisp full bodied IPA beer full of hoppiness aromas and such! Zhat vill do za tlick nicealy! :thup:


If you're so disgusted at this forum Melrose as you so eloquently just demonstrated with that post, you are welcome to leave afterall, you're choice my friend.


please explain better part of town ,,,,, jokes jokes jokes ......your probably the fan that calls security when an emotional fan says a foul word because of love for his team ...assumptions are the mother of all ^#%^#%^#%^#^^#$ so i cant wait to go to your better part of town where the downtown crack heads and bums are ,perfect walking distance to the stadium . So i guess what im saying is that its not about the stadium its self its the way they are trying to get it ....and where the potential site is ..? we got a huge lake front near all the highways .I must be crazy or bored to be wasting my valuable time ....Oh i guess i do care in my own little way because im a ticat fan .....raw raw raw