Invading BMO June 25th

Discounts will make Ticat fans more likely to buy tickets. The Argos have offered discounts many times, even on playoff games in Toronto. I'd almost guarantee that the Ticats have sent out discount codes to Argo season ticket holders in the past.

no discounts offered to Ticat season ticket holders.

We paid $300 for our five tickets.

I see all the sections near Hamilton bench are completely sold out, while the rest of the stadium seems to be sparsely sold.

Yep, I agree with the above, no discounts are needed for the majority of Cats fans......but there will also be some who feel they deserve something better to grace us with their attendance. :lol:

Soon I'll be reading the Bob Young should be personally picking up some Ticat fans and driving them to the game...after all, they have been fans since 1841.

"Soon I'll be reading the Bob Young should be personally picking up some Ticat fans and driving them to the game...after all, they have been fans since 1841."

Really? Please let me know when that happens. It would save me gas and parking coming from Mississauga. LOL.

1841?? You're making me feel really old.....

According to the seating plan this morning there are plenty of seats near the Hamilton bench still available, the higher up seats up around the 20 yard line are $52 but lots from the 20 to 40 yard lines at $72
Doesn't look like too many seats sold at all behind the visitors bench.
We got ours for $34, but that's because we bought the mini pack, the individual seats would be $52
The cheapest seats are the end zone seats at $27 and still lots available, it's worth buying the $27 seat and then moving up to the $72 seats behind the Ticat bench.
But still 4 weeks for them to sell tickets.

If they can't sell a lot of tickets to this game they are in big trouble the following week when BC is in town and then Ottawa for that Monday night game a couple of weeks later.

Hey Hammer - there are at least four long time and now former Argos season ticket holders who feel the exact same way as you with how badly handled the Grey Cup pricing debacle was. Two of them good friends of mine who for the last 10+ years have always been kind enough to invite me to join them any time the Cats had played in Toronto.

All off season they made several phone calls and sent numerous emails with complaints similar to yours about how they felt they got ripped off with the pricing debacle at the Grey Cup. Many calls and emails getting no reply - and the one or two times they got a reply - they received basically a form letter saying nothing would be done.

So four 45 yard line west side lower level (pricey seats) with access to the West Side Club season tickets were not renewed. One pair belonged to a 10 year season ticket holder - the other pair a 15+ year season ticket holder.

Not something that should be happening with the situation the Argos find themselves in.


I was looking before I made my post you quoted and section 121 and 122 were completely sold out. Not one single seat was available.

Now there are a bunch.

I'm not sure what to say. In fact, looking now, the row directly in front of the row we bought tickets in now shows tickets available. When we bought our tickets there weren't any available in that row (or we would have bought them). I'm guessing they are holding back tickets or something?

The seating charts they show for Argo games with the blue dots or shaded areas are not accurate. If you look at the east upper deck it looks to be all shaded except the first couple of rows with blue dots. They are only selling the first couple of rows but if they start to sell they will open up more rows for sale.
It looks like they are doing the same thing in other sections too, they make a few available and when they start to sell they open up more seats for sale.

Last season, I was looking for a particular spot in the West side of THF, the chart, showed the entire row was spoken for. Yet, when I called one the ticket reps, he found me a place there.

He explained that not all the availabilities show up on the Ticketmaster seating grid.

So, if you don't see what you want, give them a call.