Yo guys, The Fat Cat from Birmingham, Alabama at your service here! I thought I would like to log in since I am watching the first game of the season, and I didn’t even know it was on here! I love football! My favorite teams are:

College-Alabama (did you expect any other?)
CFL-Winnipeg Blue Bombers (I’m new here, please excuse my spelling)
NFL-Dallas Cowboys
AFL-Georgia Force
AF2-Birmingham Steeldogs (Hometeam, have season tickets)

I look forward to posting here, and oh, before I forget, the game is being broadcast by Comcast over FCS (FOX College Sports)Atlantic!

Welcome fellow Football fan.
My favorite teams are as follows.

AFL(american)-N.Y. Dragons
NFL-Gave up on the NFL!
AIFL-Canton Legends
AFL(australian)-Brisbane Lions

G’day, mate! sorry to run but there is a game on, I will say my favoite teams later.

But it’s great to have another BB’s fan on this site!

CFL: Winnipeg Blue Bombers
NFL: Jaguars/Dolphins
AFL: Florida Bobcats (now gone :cry: )
NRL (Australia): Melbounre Strom
AFL/VFL (Australia): Hawthorn Hawks (still here, for now…)
Criket: Team Australia, Team Victoria in the State of Origin
NHL: Winnipeg Jets/Lightning
NBA: Orlando Magic/Ontario Raptors
Baseball: used to be Marlins, now the Blue Jays and I hope the Cubs win it all this year!
NLL: only seen one game, but I like the Rock!
College: American: Florida Gators. Canadian: Manitoba Bison

Hope Brmingham gets a NHL team! and don’t worry abou the spelling!

Oh yea…
NLL-Calgary Roughnecks

Yes!!! Another Bomber Fan :smiley: Well Welcome! Hope you enjoy the CFL as much as we all do… My favourite cfl team is of course the Winnipeg Blue Bombers…as for the NFL… I rarely never watch…I do like The Redskins because of Clinton Portis…(reminds me of Kenton Keith so much) It scares me…and I do like Green Bay… Other then that… I really don’t care what happens in The NFL… Only really care about the CFL! Also, I look foward to reading your posts FatCat!

My Fave FootBall Teams

CFL-: Argos
NFL :Atlanta Falcons
Ncaa Fottball: Michigan Wolverines.

Hi, FatCat. Nice to have you on board.
I’m afraid we’re on opposing teams tonight - I’m a Riders fan. As far as the other leagues go I don’t have much for favorites. Probably the Colts in the NFL. Unfortunately, we can’t afford any satellite or anything, and there’s no reception at all in this part of rural Alberta, so I don’t even get CBC. As a result, I don’t get to see most of the other leagues enough to even know any of the teams. Sigh. :frowning:
By the way, you spelled Winnipeg better than a lot of Canadians on this site. Well done.

WELCOME…wow this is just so cool.


NFL…BILLS :frowning:

COLLAGE…McGILL…and just to let you know Canadians introduced modern rules football to the U.S…the first games were , McGILL [MONTREAL] vs. HARVARD.

The foward pass came from the U.S. :smiley:

Welcome to the boards.

My Favourites:

CFL - Argos
NFL - Vikings

hey all just thought I’d introduce myself as I expect to be around for a while

I’m from Ireland & have been reading about the CFL for about 10 years with no real favourite team. SAW my first game only last year & became an Ottowa fan(for my sins LOL)

NFL Team Chicago Bears
NCAA Notre Dame(well I’m Irish)
NFLE Frankfurt Galaxy I remember the Montreal Machine in the original WLAF too


I’ve have to chage your evil ways! :wink:

What is the AIFL?

CFL Als all the way
NFL none. I just cant seem to make myself care if one team beats another.

Go with the Dolphins! :wink:

Birmingham did have an ECHL Hockey team for a while (Birmingham Bulls)so pro hockey is no stranger to me. Presently, I am a diehard Birmingham Steeldog fan, with season tickets, jearsy, hard hat, and tamburine! This season has been a disaster as we have only won 1 game! Cricket? I have never seen a full game before, just highlights, but I would love to se a game. I am thinking of changing my screen name to reflect the team, so if you se Steeldog, it’ll be me.


Birmingham also had a WHA team that die after the WHA meaged with the NHL, and I feel that all six remaining WHA teams (the WHA Original Six :smiley:, that inculded Birmingham ) should have joined the NHL and not just four.

Birmingham would be a good place for the NHL in the south since there, they have no Pro teams to compete with.

BTW, I recomind that you watch a one day criket match!, test takes forever!

CFL- Riders
NFL- Vikings and Bills
NBA- Nuggets
MLB- TOR bluejays
College- Syracuse

CFL - Riders
NFL - 49ers
AFL - Philly
NHL - Flames/Tampa Bay
NBA - Lakers
Golf - Tiger
Bowling - Roy Munson

You know that the soul copied the Hawthrown Hawks logo? For that they SUCK!

Plus, I’d like to see the Lightning become Florida’s only NHL team, so I never use “Tampa Bay” in the name.

Hey Kanga, that does look pretty cheap. Why wouldn’t they just make up some other logo.

You gotta give em kudos though, their creative team probably didn’t spend alot to design a logo :slight_smile: