Introduction Thread?

Wrong colour.

I was born in Guelph and raised in Wellington County. My dad is Hamilton Native and started to take me out o the Labour Day classic in 1996 as a birthday present (my Bday is Sept. 5) and i went with him until around 2005, and since i have gone on my own.

When I went to High School in brampton i ended up playing football because of my dad's die hard Ti-Cat attitude. my second year (still on the bench as 2nd string DT) we won the regional championship.
My first year starting at Nose Tackle (1 tech) we won regional championship again. I also played for the City Rep team (brampton Bulldogs) when i felt my first start on o-line starting at left guard and moving to right tackle and left tackle. After the game Mac came up and said they were interested. since that time i have played 2 more season at starting left tackle and now i am getting ready for Mac training camp. oh i cant wait to feel sore again.

Nickname: The Ogre

Fav. quote: "I don't like pants!"

Name: Bryce Mychael Keegan Hudson

Size: Height: 6'6" feet: 16

Football Number: 65
-in grade ten (my rookie year of football) i was given 65 as the last jersey available, and since i have had lucky "coincedents" to get the number on teams including mac and Bulldogs
Current Location: Brampton, Ont. - Moving to Hamilton in 12 days

Age: 18 - almost legal(26 days)

Born: Guelph Ontario

Degree: 4-year Honours B.A. in History (1988), majoring in Canadian history with minors in British history and American history

Current Profession: Student at Mac/ Rookie O-lineman

Musical Taste: I am in a band call the Standard 7 and we play classic rock and jazz. its a fully instrumental band and you can look us up on facebook.

Favourite Bands/Artists : The Band, Sunny Rollins, B.B. King, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Glenn Miller Eric Claptin, Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who, Armstrong, etc.

Favourite players from the past: Danny McManus, Pinball Danny, and my list will grow as i get older

Favourite current players: SIMON ROTTIER!!! George Hudson, DeAndra' Cobb, Quinton Porter, Otis Floyd. And some guy named Setta.

Seat: Box J, Row 7 seat 25 *Rookie season seat holder

Interests and Hobbies: football (playing on my teams Kinghts, Bulldogs and soon to be Mac; reading; War(stagagy), and my girlfriend.

Favourite Movies: Platoon, Transformers, Scarface Apocalypse Now, A Clockwork Orange, anything Monty Python. And a movie to go see and drink the entire time in the theatre is definately G.I.Joe... good times lol

if you have any question feel free to ask

alright alright i guess i'll join in.

My name is Jordan, (surprise surprise for those of you who didn't notice it in my name :? ) i am 15 and 1/2, Born and raised (at least so far) here in Hamilton.

i would like to consider myself a "Die Hard Ti-cat fan". Despite being only 15, i've been a season ticket holder for 9 years now.(this being the 9th)

Favourite teams in other sports:
NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NHL: Maple Leafs (ouch!)
NBA: Raptors (ouch!)
MLB: Blue Jays (ouch!)

I hate to lose, i hate when any of my favourite teams lose, especially the ticats.

I played Junior HS football last spring for Westmount and was the starting RG. Am now playing at Brebeuf this fall.

Favourite movie: Remember The Titans!!!!!!

Interests: Watching the Ti-cats win, Watching the blue team get whooped.

Great Idea Cat's n Pac

I am BJ or Beej.

I became a cats fan only recently when my nephew David signed, so Cats are my CFL, Da Bears and the Broncos for NFL. Don't really have a NHL favorite, but I go to High School hockey games in my home town of Waterbury, VT.

I am still struggling to understand CFL rules, and am hoping that David will get some playing time soon. I am optimistic he will, and we are planning a trip to see the September 25th game. I have to learn the oski oui oui chant before then! I love to watch football and you will most likely find me with the loud cheering section if at all possible. What's the best section to sit in?

I work as a systems developer and write web applications for local government. I have two grown kids, a husband and two dogs. I like my dogs the best. :wink:

i think your nephew will get to play some time, in Training Camp he had some serious hands, always making fantastic catches, rarely (if ever) saw him drop a pass.

Count your lucky stars that it was only a bruise Bob.......a few years back while at a service call at the home of former Tiger-Cat receiver (sadly, recently deceased), Gord Christian who lived in Mount Hope, Ont, he showed me his fingers which were broken so many times by Joe Zuger passes that they resembled old fashioned pretzels (for lack of a better description) was simply gross!!......I've never seen such damage to fingers before........ughhhhhhhhh !

A football with some zip on it can be murder on the hands and fingers.......ouch!! :x

By the way, huge congrats on the successful golf tournament which benefits Big Brothers/ awesome cause!! :rockin:

This made me laugh....damn funny. Well done! Good use of the theatre of the mind!

Cool thread…

My name’s Slodrive, born at St. Joe’s, and raised in Dundas.

Really began to appreciate the Cats when I moved Chatham, ON – just prior to highschool. Been nearing on die-hard ever since.

I’m also an avid defender and promoter of all things CFL and all things Hamilton. Thus, you will see my username on various relatable message boards and newspaper comment pages. (Be wary, some clown of a Buffalo Bill’s fan has stolen said username…apparently, not agreeing with my debating style!)

I am an avid hockey fan and player. My soon-to-be-former favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the blink of an eye, that jersey will be torched in favour of a Hamilton Tigers one.

At Ivor Wynne, my favourite place to sit is in the Endzone. My vocal chords are pretty decent if I pace myself – but will give out late in tense games. I am above average at booing, though, and thus, use that skill very frequently.

Uhhh, I think that’s it. Everything else about me becomes painfully evident through periodic long-winded, meandering posts.

We have more than a few new members of these forums - don't be shy!

woo xtybe 25 years old, former dofasco employee turned recent engineer grad.. born also at st joes, grew up on hamilton east mountain (woo barton high school). Love the cats and sitting in section 9..

Love the Habs, jays, raptors, Bills, Toronto FC and liverpool FC.

I despise (cant stress that word enough) the Leafs and blue football team. I love you fellow hamilton sports fans during football season but sorry I'm not your friend when hockey starts and you cheer for the leafs.

My early memories of the cats include sitting at ivor wynn with my dad in the early/mid 90's watching them lose infront of horribly small crowds, but whatever, I was still hooked. Fave cat growing up was earl winfield.

I never played football (but if you saw me you would think i did) but played hockey and baseball.

blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda.

I like disagreeing with people and playing devils advocate.. arguing for the sake of arguing (but hey lets call it debating) so dont mind my flip flopping.

I commute to mississauga and Toronto for work.. I love the city of toronto, but not their football team (or hockey team..) Ive travelled all over canada for work and am always trying to destroy the 'dirty' hamilton stereotype wherever I go, I love my city and have tremendous pride in where I come from.

Don't post to often...but here it goes

Name is Dave, been a season ticket holder (section 26 and Box J) for about 25 years. Born at St. Joe's, grew up in Ancaster and lived in a few places in Southern Ontario over the years (including Meaford...but don't hold that against me!) Been in sales and marketing since College.

Reside in Acton for the past 10 years (worth the drive- No NOONAN, you can not play golf with me at Blue Springs) with my Texas A & M wife.

Only drink beer in days that end with "Y"

Went to Mohawk College (or as my wife likes to say slow-hawk)

Favorite player...Christmas comes early with Ho..Ho..Ho.. Hobart

Have assisted in Marketing initatives in the past to help my beloved Ti-Cats (ie. Roar store idea)

Remember the Young Family in Ancaster...believe that even Prince Philip does too!

Lots of Grey Cups, Lots of Games, Lots of tough times..Nice to see the Roar back !

Thank you Bob for your investment and passion for our franchise.

Acton Tiger-Cat

I'd like to make an addition to my entry in this thread........that being, when all is said and done and I leave this world, I have no wish to add "rode in a flying saucer balloon over Denver" to my list of achievments. :lol: :wink:

Hello from New Brunswick!I just joined a few days ago but have been a fan of the greatest football team in the world since I first set eyes on them in the '60s.I think they were beating Toronto at the time.
Born : Saint John (back in the days of B/W TV)
Beer: Moosehead Pale Ale
Band: Lighthouse
Hockey: Maple Leafs ( I remember watching them win the cup in '67)
Baseball: Yankees ( no Expos or Blue Jays when I was growing up)
NFL: Colts ( I still have a Baltimore Colts hat)
Basketball: Bucks(everyone here was a Celtics fan and I had visited Milwaukee so I had to be different)
Lacrosse: Roughnecks( I have a friend he and his father are Rock fans so I had to be different)
NASCAR: Anybody driving Richard Petty's #43
F1:Sebastian Vetil (I think I spelled his name right, good young driver
WHA: Cincinnati Stingers(told ya I've been around for a while)