Introduction Thread?

Well I'm not to new to this forum, But I guess Iv never formally introduced myself as there is NO Introduction thread! . I am requesting one be made and made sticky, so new comers can introduce themselves and tell us a few things about them

Hello, everybody! I'm Cat's n Pac. For those of you that can not figure out my name! Cats are my CFL and Packers are my NFL. and for the Record my NHL team is the Pens *save me the bandwagon jokes cuz I've been a fan for ever! *
I live close to the stadium, and have been going to games since I was in my mothers belly! Born and raised A TiCat fan! Often at family events we'll Do out oskie wee wee chant!
My favourite Cat is Hitchcock.
I'm Proud to say I'm from Hamilton, perhaps thats why I bleed black N gold!
I work as a chef, I enjoy my job but would like to further my education and career!:slight_smile:
YUP thats all I have for now!
PS! last night I had a Dream, that I was at the Tailgate party, and for some reason I brought like 20 kegs and had a Giant sing! FREE BEER then in small print *Excluding argo fans
PPS! Perhaps others could follow suit and tell me a few things about yourself, that would be nice!:slight_smile:

wow i never even thought of an introduction thread, good idea though.

there should definately be an "official" one in the announcement thread or something like that.

I agree. Would give us more of an idea of who everyone is.

I am Paul. Apparently my parents brainwashed me in to being a Tiger-Cat fan since it's the only team I am a fan of where I don't actually remember not being a fan or made a conscious decision to be a fan of the team.

My favourite player growing up was Paul Bennett because he had the same first name as me. (I was young, so it didn't take much to impress me! Paul Palma was a close second.)

I have been going to Ivor Wynne as long as I can remember since my family is mostly all from the East Hamilton/Stoney Creek area. Before the games you can usually see me on the field helping out with that big giant Canadian flag.

Finally, I have been on these forums since Bob Young bought the team. I am a very logical football fan, I never post after a tough Tiger-Cat loss and I rarely respond to someone who personally insults me even though I could easily fight back. It's not worth my time and just puts these forums in a bad and negative light.

  • paul

HEy guys and gals,

nope not a troll but I am a huge riderfan but I do cheer for the cats in the east as it seems our teams our similar in many ways throughout the years, not to mention we did play the greatest grey cup ever!! Although probably greater for me that you :slight_smile:

anyways hope to discuss ball with you guys and I am not one of those "green glasses wearing" rider fans I do try and look at things objectivley but obviously I am a rider fan at heart so sometimes I am a tad bias :0

You guys look great this year and I am pulling for more free ride crossover to the east this year. I wish we had him...he is gonna be a good one!!

Talk to u all soon!

Sammy here, been a Ticats fan since 2004 after I got screwed over by the blue team....Can explain more if people request it

Originally from England, moved over in 2004 to Canada and after a few relocations, now living in London, ON, Proud Cats fan and have no problem showing it with wearing Jerseys to my Stripes plush doll on my desk at work!

Oskie Wee Wee! :smiley:

(standing up from chair); Hi I'm Peter and I'm a die hard ti-cats fan.

(Group); Hi Peter.

(Me) I have been a ticats fan all my life. I am married and have two daughters 11 and 4. My wife (thanks to me) is a die hard ticats fan (I took her to the 89 Grey cup in Toronto on one of our first dates). My 11 year old is also a Ticats fan thanks to me. My 4 year old....we are still working on but the seeds of a future die hard fan are there.

(Group Cheers and claps) Way to go Peter! Oskee wee-wee

Its good to see a few people Introducing urself. WHo would I talk to about getting this Sticky!

Been about 3 years since I've posted,but I have been sitting back watching for awhile.I had to add my favorite # to my user name to get back on.Sooooooo,hello again and I never really was gone!

Welcome back monkey, looking forward to your insight and contributing to the Cats forum!:slight_smile:

How are they supposed to be spelt? and sorry my spelling is not flawless and that i have used short form here and there! I have not mis spelt them on purpose

A little biography about moi, if you please

[originally posted on]

I was born and raised in Hamilton, the only son in a family of five residing on the West Mountain – not too far from Ancaster, ironically. I attended Mountview Elementary, Chedoke Secondary, and Sir Allan MacNab High School.

Upon graduating from Sir Allan MacNab in 1983, I attended Hamilton Collegiate Institute (HCI) for Grade 13.

After graduating from Grade 13 in 1984, I entered McMaster University as an undergraduate in the Humanities faculty. I completed a four-year Honours B.A. in History in 1988.

P.S. And now – a brief introductory blurb I posted in a “tell us about yourself? thread on (first incarnation) -- slightly updated

Nickname: Stain

Name: Russ

Current Location: Montreal, QC

Age: 43

Born: Hamilton, Ontario (West Mountain) – a St. Joe’s baby

Degree: 4-year Honours B.A. in History (1988), majoring in Canadian history with minors in British history and American history

Current Profession: English as a Second Language Teacher

Musical Taste: eclectic, though I lean towards guitar-driven stuff… but I would rather wear an Argo face tattoo and walk down Barton Street for the rest of my life than go line dancing, though LMAO

Favourite Bands/Artists (in a somewhat particular order): Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Cream, Miles Davis, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, Tangerine Dream, The Who, Junkhouse, Forgotten Rebels.

Favourite players from the past: Garney Henley and Ben Zambiasi in a dead heat. Honourable Mentions go to Jimmy Edwards, Tom Clements, Rob Hitchcock and Danny McManus.

Favourite current players: DeAndra' Cobb, Quinton Porter, Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton. And some guy named Setta. :wink:

Seat: A very well-appointed leather swivel chair for late-night ramblings on

Interests and Hobbies: football (particularly the Cats, of course); hockey (the Habs, of course, as well as the Wings); reading; chess.

Pet peeves: anything involving Toronto in sports*; people who bud in line; people who play with their gum in the metro; proprietary software; the entire car parking sign industry; ESL language school administrators who can't teach lecturing teachers on how to teach (and similar nonsense throughout the economy); Teletubbies, Barney, and all other social control devices which cut into children's daydreaming time LMAO.

Favourite Movies: Citizen Kane (my fave); Braveheart (it looks like a family reunion back home in Scotland) LOL; Dr. Strangelove; Scarface (for any positive business tips I can glean from it - have watched it 10 times and an still working on that ); Apocalypse Now Redux; A Clockwork Orange; The Godfather Trilogy; Monty Python's The Meaning of Life; The Shining.

    • just kidding…ummmm…uh…LOL Let’s just say “grudging respect.?

-- Russ

Good thread by the way.

Born.........near Ottawa

Hobbies.....cycling, fishing, cooking, slo-pitch

Ticats fan for a long.........loooong time

Fave player.. 60s........Joe Zuger

Fave players '70s........Garney Henley

Fave players 80's ........Rocky DiPietro

Fave player 90s..........Paul Osbaldiston

Fave player 00s.......... tie (Hitchcock/Morreale)

Fave Current player......Deandra' Cobb

Favourite real Food..........Italian, salads of any kind

Favourite snack food........Zesty Cheese Doritos, fresh black cherries, Mr. Noodles, licorice (red or black)

Favourite Smartie........Red

Dream Car I can't afford........Cadillac Escalade

Pizza.......double cheese, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives

Tim Hortons.....large, double milk, one sugar

Pillow..........cold side please

Steak.......well done.........not burnt


OK now that we are getting personal,
Air Force brat,grew up everywhere but here.Mom grew up in Winona and a huge Cats fan.Thats why I have always been a fan myself even though we had stops in most of the other CFL cities.I was thrilled when we actually moved to the Hammer when I was 14.Went to Scott Park and played H.S. football at Ivor Wynne.I am now living in Winona and have 3 kids who are just as nuts for the Cats as I.


Name-Beermonkey,Beer for short
Age-46,although I look about 44
Teeth-gottem all
Hobbies-pretty much anything bad for me
Food-same as above
Music- anything with large guitar
Books-anything with pictures
Timmies-1 cream
Beer-Lakeport Honey
Favorite Sports Moment-hang on I think I should start a thread on this one.

My name is Dave from Oakville, originally from Hamilton Mountain

My name on the forum is because I’m a Ticats and Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I joined the original site in '99 and the shortly after it started using the name ZedcatZ and then Zedcat91

I posted quite a bit in the past when the company I was working for in T.O. was being bought out and the only thing I had to do all day was surf and post. I was a regular on 13thman as well.

Much different now, work for an Insurance Company in Mississauga in the IT area and don’t have much time for anything but work.

Huge Cats fan figuratively and literally :slight_smile: (6’4" 280) - Go to as many games as I can but work doesn’t allow me to get to them all

Favourite players of all time, Big Ben, Hitchcock, Jerry Anderson (The beast of the East), David Shaw and Grover

I suspect I don't need to introduce myself. :wink:

We've run these "intro" threads before and they are very popular. Particularly when these forums were first launched in '04 and '05. But we are hesitant to make things "sticky" as popular threads should stand on their own.

Highlight of my week - throwing a football around with Kevin Glenn at the Ticats golf tournament on Monday. I bruised a finger grabbing one of his tosses (it's a little black and blue), but hey, who's complaining? At least I don't have to suit-up against the Riders on Sunday. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Bob.

Because this thread is a great idea I’ve nuked a few of the off-topic posts about spelling to keep this thread going.

Tape it up and consider it a "war wound" lol. Hopefully it's not your ring finger. The ring will never fit right again. Great to see you around the team and the community.

James Tiberius Kirk.

I was born in Iowa. I only work in outer space.

I like Saurian brandy and green women. Who doesn't?

Never met a Klingon I liked.

What about Romulan Ale?