Introducing Ell Roberson... Wide receiver ?

I was looking at something on the Alouettes' roster, and then, my eyes stumbled on Ell Roberson... towards which was written "RÉ" (recceveur éloigné). At first, I thought it was a mistake. But then I clicked on his player profile page, and it indeed says that Roberson is now a wide receiver.

Anybody ever heard of him playing as a receiver? Is he fast? Can he catch?

My first impression was that Roberson probably proposed to tryout as a receiver because he knew he'd get cut and that was his only chance to stick around. But then I thought, what if this was the Don's idea... to have him around to use in special moments to make plays à la Antwaan Randle El? (Receiver catch and throw)

What do you think?

Fascinating idea…heck I’ll all for it if it works. Never hurts to have a trick play or two in the playbook…

Hey you, you copied my post from Go Al's go....from 3 days ago...:wink:

Ell will be at camp as a WR, since QB position he wouldn't get a chance.

As for plays ala Randel El...maybe, maybe not...we didn't use trick plays as often last year...

Fast ...I dunno, but if he keeps smoking 2 packs a day, that sure won't help !

Man, that must be a rarity... A pro athlete who smokes cigarettes... I'd see a curler smoke, but I imagined fast pace sports' athletes would try not to affect their lungs...

Article about ell's future !

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When Ell Roberson first joinmed the Als, I was told that he can play anywhere on the offence, whether it was QB, WR or Running Back.

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More and more NFL coaches are using the backup QB as a receiver in a trick play. If Roberson can make the transition to receiver, I'll be very happy, especially given that we are now missing Terry Vaughn.

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he was a great college qb.

He's about to be a great unemployed former QB.

He has been cut