Intriguing Rumors in CFL Forums

If these rumors are true it could get interesting. What would we get for Goss and Thelwell as a ni reciever to add to our lineup.

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Does anyone think we could get a helpful player for Goss, or do you think he's worth a draft pick?

He is definitely worth a player who can start for us.

read this January 11, 2006 article from

Not sure what that article means since it was from last year?????

If Thelwell wants $100,000 that's too much for a 34 year old WR. I have a feeling he'll be just like Brazzell. Another guy who complimented Geroy Simon.

I would think we would be able to get at least a draft pick for Goss. If he is traded I would like to see us get someone who can play now though

Well a guy like Brazzell WHO WOULD CHANGE THE RATIO is another bird entirely. I'm for it. We have no one else in the wr corps. If we are going to go get Americans okay. Maybe in a great year a team finds two. We need about five!

Goss makes me mad. He has been here less that 3 years and is tired of the losing and wants to move closer to home.

Is out west any closer to Dallas? Take this as a backhanded compliment Hamilton. We don't need players like this on our team, no matter what the talent level!

Definitely not. Toronto's Pearson International Airport to Dallas Fort Worth Airport is 1200 miles (direct flight) and there are 6 direct flights a day in the summer.

Calgary International Airport to DFW is 1573 miles (direct flight). Obviously it is a couple of hundred miles further from Edmonton to Dallas, and you'd have to connect in Calgary.

From Regina to DFW it's 1508 miles, with a stop in Minneapolis. A routing that stops in a city other than Minneapolis (e.g., Denver, Calgary) makes the trip longer.

From Winnipeg it's 1248 miles total to Dallas, with a connection in Minneapolis again. Not that much further in distance flown, but a much longer trip with the connection.

I thought maybe his problem might not be with real distance, but the feeling of being distant because of a difference in time zones. I know when I lived in Vancouver, it was hard to find a good time to phone back east and it did feel far away sometimes.

But that doesn't make much sense either. Only Winnipeg is in the same time zone as Dallas, whereas Hamilton is only one hour ahead. Saskatchewan is in the same time zone for part of the year - the off-season - they don't participate in daylight savings time.

Too bad he doesn't want to come back and has a lame excuse, we have a whole new football operations and he'd no doubt have a different experience. But his problem is not about the distance.

I guess I just made use of my degree in geography. My parents will be so proud.


From the Goss article:

"He wants to be closer to his Phoenix, Ariz., off-season home and to his dad, who resides in a Fort Worth nursing home where he can receive 24-hour care."

Right, I was responding to Tiger_Dirt who wanted to know if cities out west were any closer to Dallas than Hamilton.

I see from the post above and today's paper the issue is being close to Pheonix (although his sick father is in Dallas from what I understand).

It's 4h 35m from Toronto to Pheonix and from Calgary it's 3h 4m, from Vancouver it's 3h 8m. All cities have 2 flights per day. From Edmonton, there's one direct flight per day, 3h 20m. No direct flights from Regina or Winnipeg.

So I guess based on travel time, his request is Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver. It is a difference of a little more than an hour, hardly a big deal.