Intriguing finish to the west

Very intriguing finish in the west.


-If SASK now wins out they are in first. If Calgary loses and Sask wins out, Winnipeg is 2, Calgary is 3
-If SASK loses out and Calgary loses next week, Calgary is 1, Winnipeg is 2, SASK is 3.
-If SASK loses out but Calgary wins next week, Calgary is 1, SASK is 2, Winnipeg is 3
-If SASK splits and Calgary loses next week SASK is 1, Winnipeg is 2, Calgary is 3
-If Sask splits and Calgary wins next week, Calgary 1, Sask 2, Winnipeg 3.

Basically from a Bombers perspective you just want the Stamps to lose and the Riders are irrelevant to hosting a home game. The best you can do is second.

From a Riders perspective you want your team to win out and you host the west final. One win guarantees a home game.

From a Stamps perspective, your team just has to win for a home game. You are cheering for at least one Rider loss. If you dont win, you hope Edmonton sweeps or you will be in 3rd.

…thought it deserved it’s own thread…

…can’t remember a season where three teams had it this close to the end…

All three teams have been lights out at home and mediocre on the road. Home field is that much more valuable this season.

OK, now my head is spinning.

Makes for compelling games to end the season and get us ready for playoffs, though.

Just to put some numbers on this:
At home, these teams are a combined 22-4 (.846)… Sasky hasn’t played their last home game
CGY 7-2
SSK 7-1
WPG 8-1

On the road? A combined 11-14 (.440)… Sask and Calgary have one more road game each with the Bombers at an abysmal 3-6 (.333) away from IGF

2003 ended with a 3 way tie for 2nd in the west at 11 wins, and 2011 had 3 tied at 11 wins…for first, with a tie in the east as well. 2005 and 2009 came down to the wire as well.

If we all tie at 11-7
Calgary is first, Sask Second and Bombers 3rd
We beat the bombers twice, we have the rubber match, so don’t know how bombers would come out second.

Because you take the records each team played against one another and go by winning percentage.

Calgary 3-2
Winnipeg 3-3
Sask 2-3

no, if the 3 teams are tied then it is:

On a side note I’d like to see the league address the final week bye in the off season. I don’t think it’s right that a team has a bye week going in to the playoffs.

Thanks for breaking down the various scenarios.

I agree. It is as simple as removing week 1 and 21 byes and having 2 extra 3 game weekends.

I’d also add that no teams should have a home and away to end the season.

Agreed on both counts.

The back-to-backs at the end could be compelling if the two teams happen to be fighting it out for playoff spots, but it’s rather boring if they’re not . . . especially if both teams are out of the running. And it means those two regional rival teams have only played once during the first ~4 months of the season.

All that’s is first.and.second in the west to sort out

well…those two plus third.

If the Stamps lose next week then they finish in 3rd. Bombers have the season series.

The only things we know in the west is that the Riders have a home playoff game at some point, the Esks are crossing, and the Lions are disappointed it isn’t great golfing weather.

Riders win!

So the Riders are guaranteed at least second. A Rider win or Calgary loss and they are in first. A Rider loss and Calgary win and Calgary is 1. Sask is 2.

If Calgary wins, the Bombers are in third. If Calgary loses, the Bombers are 2nd and Calgary is third.

That’s crazy.

…indeed, a crazy mix of possibilities…congrats to the riders for moving ahead, they’ve played very well down the stretch…

Very surprising, considering at the beginning of the season, I never expected any thing to happen this season, C.d. Completely surprised as head coach, and I don’t think anyone expected fajardo to break out as he is, Looks like the team has all it’s main pieces in place now, Just have to keep it together . Like hufnegal does, year after year. Go. O’day.