Intra Squad Game

Gonna make myself feel important by posting a separate thread. LeStaf and any others can of course add to my 2 cents.

There were about 300-400 out on a perfect day, gave each of the units an ovation when they came out. There was offense vs. defense and then a lot of situational stuff - onside kick, goal line offense/defense, etc. I can`t say there was any real excitement.

Too bad about Lue, a goal line collision with Nik Lewis and I guess his cleats caught. He`s been injury prone the last couple of seasons, but this was just bad luck.

The QBs rotated somewhat randomly after Glenn. They all looked decent if not spectacular. Glenn threw a TD to Carter, Cato to Chandler Jones, and Adams to Graves on his first pass.

Here`s how I see things. Glenn, Bridge (either No. 2 or 3), and Adams (likely on IR) will be kept. That leaves Cato and Boyd fighting for most likely No. 3, remote possibility No. 2. I doubt they can keep all 5.

Cato has looked good with his passing. After the game, I saw him interact with different people, seemed like a happy camper, certainly no moodiness. And he has been getting his chances, he certainly hasn` been buried by the team. But the RDS story hinted at his problems last season reading coverages. And Boyd has looked good too. Ii will come down to the pre-season games, doubtful anything has been decided at this point.

On the o-line Matte was at C, Gagnon at RG, Blake at LG. Last year Blake was at RG. Gagnon perhaps starting because Piotrowski was in the corner with the walking wounded.

Other stuff:

  • Louks continues to make catches and was used as a punt returner in the warmup before the game. The new guy Cam MacDaniel was also fielding punts. Davidson though got a lot of work as a returner during the game, scored a punt return touchdown. Logan scored on both a PR and KOR. Our downfield tackling team might need some work. On the position chart the returners listed are Logan, Jovon Johnson, and Davidson in that order.

  • Kyle Graves has probably made the team. Hes looked good as a receiver, is Bedes holder, and also the backup punter and kicker. Bridge and Boyd were also holding in the warmup.

  • In the goal line offense Bridge scored on a 1 yard plunge so it looks like they have had him working on this.

  • Besides LBJ and our favorite QB, the other walking wounded working in the corner with the therapists were Piotrowski, Sutton, Charette, Cash, Finley, Raymon Taylor. None of them though looked to have anything significant and were moving well. Even Charette.
    LBJ was doing some sprints but seems a ways from being ready. And our favorite QB was taking snaps from LBJ and throwing 10 yard passes to Charette. I really would like to be a fly on the wall in the Als office to know what their opinion/plans are for Crompton.

-Coady was not there.

Thanks for the report, sheldon. I’m feeling a lot better about Matte as center than I was yesterday. Very glad to see Bridge looks to have improved on QB sneaks. With his size, it really should be automatic 9 times out of 10.

Leaving the stadium the same time, I saw 2 NFL scouts making small talk with an Als scout, I think it was Justin Casey. One had a spiral notebook full of notes.

This came up in the main forum, but it`s common practice. Herb and Rick Moffat have often mentioned NFL scouts being at Als pre-season games.

No big - IMO

In fact, I expect cultivating good relationships can lead to recommendations on players that don't make the draft/FA threshold; or that come from a school the scout attended or is coached by the scout's buddy.

Thank you Sheldon. Quite informative comments.

Anxious for the pre-season games to begin. Less than 4 days before they play Winnipeg. Results are not as important as how certain players will perform. QB's,WR's,DB's and LB's are all positions where there is strong competition. In Journal de Montreal, Jim Popp had nice words about WR Corbin Louks. He basically said that they may have to find a way to keep him around.


Not positive, but that article seems to say that Glenn was practicing with the 1st team, Bridge with the 2nd, Cato with the 3rd, Boyd with the 4th, and Adams with the 5th team.

If Bridge has progressed as much as they say he has, this order makes sense to me. And one of the active QBs on game day has to be a non-smurf anyway...

Calvillo is going to minimize contact on Glen for sure so Bridge has to master sneaks. Hope they are practicing plenty of that once they start getting closer to the season.

I can't imagine C&C letting the season start without working on the sneak packages. They're both veterans of the league and they know how important it is to be able to pick up that extra yard or half-yard and move the chains. Contrast that with the Hawkins/Miller era when we literally had no short yardage package except a direct snap to the tailback because our coaches were that clueless and CFL-inept... :oops:

Merci de ces informations,Sheldon! :thup: :thup:

Ce compte-rendu demeure le plus informatif de tous ceux que j'ai lus à propos de ce match intra-équipe.

Comme quoi ce qui fait une bonne nouvelle pour les média n'est pas nécessairement de la bonne information.