Intra-divisional standings after week eleven.

Winnipeg 5-0 Hamilton 3-1
Calgary 3-1Montreal 3-2
Regina 2-1
Edmonton 2-2 Ottawa 1-2
Toronto 0-2
B.C. 0-7

This week:
Winnipeg 5-0 at Regina 2-1
Toronto 0-2 at Hamilton 3-1
Edmonton 2-2 at Calgary 3-1

Playoff forecast:

Regina at Calgary
Edmonton at Montreal

Final at Winnipeg
Final at Hamilton.

I think you got it right. Almost. Sask has fed on the dwellers. They deserve a lot of credit though…as we’ve seen those games have been tough for every team this year. They have a tough second half and might drop to third in the tight west.

Sask at edm
Cal at Mtl

Fixed it for you. Edmonton has yet to beat a +500 team and have only 1 of their 6 wins against the 500 Als. Riders may drop to third but Edmonton will be crossing over unless Ottawa has a massive turn around.

…next two games against the stamps with a functional BLM will prove what sort of team EDM is…

Interested to learn how formidable are the Stampeders once the MOP returns.

…That too!

I guess that you just said that, eh?

Sorry about that.

…no, no, dont’ apologize, it’s going to be a good test to see if BLM can take the stamps higher than Arbuckle has…nothing against Arbuckle, I think he’s done everything one could ask as the number two guy, but let’s see how much, truly, having BLM back means to the stamps performance as a team…

Every year the West is good, but this year is exceptional! The lead up to the Edmonton-Winnipeg game last week was crackling with electricity, and I don’t remember the last time an August game did that. Now there’s 8-2 Winnipeg against a Riders’ team on a five game win streak, and a Battle of Alberta that has resonance in the standings.

Only the Tiger-Cats and Argos have to rely on the “annual grudge match” angle for hype.

But out West, my oh my, what a half-year it’s been.

The west of exceptional? Want to take a look at what the standings look like without the games against the two bottom feeders? Winnipeg is the only team with a winning record without all those wins against Toronto and BC.

Yeah, and isn’t Winnipeg the only team to lose to those ‘bottom feeders’?

Good point. It’s a tough year for predictions. Cats might be in trouble. Stamps and als might be darkhorses

I think Sask might end up with the first round bye. With Nichols out and Harris suspended I can’t see the Bombers winning either game the next two weeks. Sask would have a firm grasp on the West at this point with a game in hand and the tiebreaker with the Bombers, who they will then face again without Nichols for a third time. Harris will be back but even though I think it’ll be close, a Streveler who can’t throw the ball won’t beat the Riders. Only other team I’d give a shot to getting a bye is the Stamps. Bo Levi will be back to a team that hasn’t really struggled (maybe just a bit in the past couple weeks), but they have now fallen a couple games behind and ground is so hard to make up. Also Edmonton I think is severely overrated. They can’t beat a team above .500 and when they beat Montreal they were struggling to find a rhythm. I think the Nichols injury will really hurt Winnipeg. I think they lose all 3 to Sask unless Sask has a key injury and lose at least 1 of 2 to Calgary making them 4-4 for the rest of the season. I see Sask losing to Calgary cause they just never have it against them, but the rest of the games I’d favour sask winning unless Edmonton proves something before their home and home at the end of the season. I could see the Stamps with Bo Levi winning out. Of course along the way there will be random losses for these teams out of nowhere and this is where Winnipeg and Edmonton would have to capitalize. Winnipeg when healthy is the strongest in the cfl, but without Nichols I don’t see them as strong as a healthy Sask or Calgary. By the time Nichols gets back, he’ll probably just be in time to face Calgary but that wouldn’t even be a given seeing as they beat Calgary last time when they didn’t have Bo Levi.

Anyway my predictions:

Bye: Sask 13-5 (losses to Montreal and Calgary) Ham 13-5 (beats East, loses West except 1 to Edmonton)

Home Games: Winnipeg 12-6 (losses to Sask x3 and Calgary) Montreal 10-8 (losses to Calgary, Winnipeg x2, and Hamilton)

Away West: Calgary 12-6 (losses to Winnipeg and Edmonton)

Crossover: Edmonton 10-8 (losses to Calgary, Winnipeg, and Sask x2)

I think it’ll be a really tight finish among the top 3 in the West. I could see Calgary win both vs Edmonton or Edmonton take one off Sask and Calgary gets the bye while Sask takes third. The reason I have Sask taking both vs Edmonton is because I feel by that point Edmonton would know they have the crossover and rest their starters. We’ll see what happens but I think the Western teams have settled into their roles and won’t let too many easy games slip past them.