Into the Lions Den

This is it, all or nothing time for the 2015 Bombers. Not much more to say really.

YUP....we don't win then we might as well start perusing the draft pics for next year.. :roll:

I can't believe they won that game.

I'll be rooting for Winnipeg to beat the Redblacks back to back over the next two weeks, to help my Ticats in their hunt for first in the East Division.

....Went to the den and won a close one...barely....I think we finally found a guy that can kick field goals :thup: Castillo looked sharp and won it in the last seconds...Had to do it twice as O'Shea iced him with a time out..(what the hell was that) :roll: Maybe he had good reason to because of clock management ..don't know but this kid put it right through the uprights and with what looked like a lot of confidence...I think Lirim will be out of work with us ,as Castillo can do it all..We shall see

Another close game but after a couple weeks of those lately we finally manage to come out on the winning side of one. This is who we are right now, try keep it close and try eek out or hold onto a win late. We're not going to blow anyone away by even 10 points right now.

Special teams were pretty special tonight. Some of that O'Shea magic when he coached it with the Argos. Too bad Pontbriand flubbed the trick play on the early FG. Finally they had a big part in a win and not a loss.

The game was pretty reminiscent of the one vs the Esks - lackluster offense first half, defense giving up yards in the first half, then come halftime the O starts moving the ball a little bit finally and the D picks it up, except the D got us a stop deep in Lions territory late. We got a couple of moderate runs late but again my pet peeve with the this team - no run play outside the tackles. ARGH!

Defense was taken apart in the first half, Hall and the players put together a heck of a second half putting a lot of pressure on Jennings. 7 sacks! We did get a bit lucky when a couple big second half plays from the Lions were taken away by penalty, but hard to feel sorry for the Leos as we've had a lot of those ourselves. Doesn't take away from a standout second half.

On to the Redblacks.