Does anyone know who the reporter/interviewer is that has been asking Cats' players and coaches to comment on the Kaepernick issue?

I haven’t seen any but I really wished this now backup QB would just fade off into the sunset.
Why anyone’s concern with the Police = disrespecting his anthem I am not sure.

I saw it during Bubba ' s segment at 6:40 p.m. I can't remember who the interviewer was but he/she only spoke to Tasker, Austin and Tolliver and got three vague responses. On a side note, anyone else having problems getting to this site during the last two days?

Read sullys response on Site Functionality in the Announcements

I personally liked Austin's reply. (Mis)quoting him - he said that he comes from a military family who fought for Kaepernick's right to protest. He just wasn't sure if he liked the method, but respected the right. :slight_smile: