Interview with Obie on From Page

What a great Interview with Obie .
I can wait to see part 2.

Obie has travelled quite an interesting road,

from his school days as a multi-sport athlete
to his early days as a player in the CFL

right up to his family life in the present.

He seems like the right Guy for Hamilton to The point Down to Earth Guy

Hard to Believe he once Worked for the Blue Team

I had the opportunity to meet Obie's family in I believe 1986. Me and a friend were sitting in sec 26 watching the cats and agros, when Obie's family arrived a little late for the game. Me and my friend were 16 at the time and trying to flirt with his oldest daughter and talking with Obie's kids throughout the game, just the usual ribbing kind of thing. What I do remember was how Obie's wife was constantly telling the oldest to stop talking to us --- well who could blame her i guess. Anyways they seemed like a nice close family.

Nice, onknight.

Even the G.M.'s family could no longer afford section 26.