Interview with Mark Weightman

Great half hour interview with Mark Weightman on 98.5 you can find the archived copy here.

Haven't listened to it yet but lestaf reported that the als have sold over 17,000 season tix which if i'm not mistaken would be an increase from 14,000 last year and that's in spite of keeping the same pricing as last year. It's very encouraging if true and Mark deserves to keep his present post. It's not likely enough to sell out as you'd need around 19-20,000 season tix sold to have a shot but if we can at least average 23,000 it would be equivalent to 25,000 at the old pricing and we now know that even at 20,000 the ambiance at the stadium is as good than if it were full. Guess the als are doing fine without a president at least.

Got my season tix today and I'm glad the Alouettes Alliance is still going as I was afraid that might have been discontinued.

Not sure if I'm going to Bishop's or not. Game day decision.

I listened to the interview, and while he isn`t cut from the same personality mold as Larry Smith, he seems knowledgeable and appears to be plugging away with a plan.

Amazingly he has been around since the rebirth of the team and was even an intern in Baltimore. So he definitely has a feel for the franchise.

The biggest mark (no pun intended) he is making so far is “rapprochement” with the Quebec football community. There was a disconnect there and he is trying to remedy it . Let`s face it, Marc Trestman was not a touchy feely guy, but Dan Hawkins has the personality to reach out to the Quebec coaching community.

Somewhere on the website is the job description Hawkins himself wrote up for 2 coaching interns the Als will take on.