International streaming for 2023?

For the past couple years, I’ve been enjoying watching CFL games abroad with but I notice now that they just link to the cfl website when trying to view anything cfl related. Does anyone know if they will be providing streaming again this year? If not, is there a replacement?

Although Yare has worked, it hasn’t been ideal as they have lacked an app for Apple TV or iOS, which would be more convenient. Also, they seemed to get crushed when games were too popular (it took me hours to get my streaming Grey Cup game to finally work last year).

Personally, I’d love to see Apple pickup international streaming rights for the cfl. They already do some baseball and soccer. And I think it would do a lot to increase exposure for the league if those games just showed up on everyone’s AppleTV app (1 billion devices) worldwide.



We are still waiting to hear if someone will stream the CFL games this year in the US since ESPN+ was dropped.

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