International streaming delivers CFL football to the world

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) and content streaming platform, Visaic, are teaming up to deliver the 2022 season to over 130 countries and territories around the globe. Single-game and multi-game packages will include all regular season and post-season games en route to the 109th Grey Cup in Saskatchewan on November 20.

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I was convinced that this was good news until they said that TSN's CFL production was world class :joy:


I like the notion of steaming around the globe. Many Canadian's live / work abroad example our military, some would enjoy the CFL. This most likely came about because of single game betting. Curious I wonder if the PA was aware of this revenue stream last week, hope they get a few pennies from streaming.
Funny many years ago CFL tried PPV that went over like a lead balloon lost a lot of fans back then but times are different now. People can watch on their phones anywhere.

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All the CFL broadcasts around the world use the TSN video feed and hear the same announcers. This would include Yare, ESPN in the US, and BT Sport in the UK. CFL also had/has a deal in Mexico as well, but I believe they might only air one condensed game per week.

This CFL collaboration with Yaretv is also not new. They began working together in late 2016 for the playoffs and then in 2017 for full season coverage.


the incredible momentum of CFL 2.0 is a bit of a stretch as well.


No ASia? No Middle East access, Europe? For real? Mexico? If it’s streaming why not? Many, many Canadians are abroad. All over.

Will YareTV no longer provide service?

That depends on what world they are talking about. LOL!


Streaming coverage is everywhere in the world other than Canada, US, and the UK. Mexico is also covered, so the CFL deal with MVS in Mexico lasted for only 1 year (2019).

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The CFL ain't going back to Mexico. No CFL team drafted a Mexican player from this year's global draft. No Canadian payer played in the LFA because of the shoddy treatment some players got in the country

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I wish streaming were available here in Minnesota. ESN isn't very friendly to users, so I hope they're paying the league a LOT of money for broadcast rights (probably not) .

I know what DaveDaHammer means about broadcast quality. It would be great if TSN could get volume levels from the studio talkers and from the play-by-play booth within the same area code.

On the bright side; Mad Man Neilson sounded almost rational last night. I hope he can maintain that level of composure for the regular season, but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet.

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My guess is the ratings will be low. Time zone difference itself will discourage many. Anyone with a streaming box already has access via ESPN.

Good that they included Greenland. Big Rider following there.

Now let's see what the CFL does for a better streaming package for everybody else in Canada, the US, and UK. The time has been ticking since before the pandemic.


Seems like I am not making myself clear. Since Visaic bought Daretv in 2020, they are the same company. That is why I am saying there is nothing new about this announcement. In fact, this is the 5th year of their partnership.

If we compare the availability of the international streaming service when they first started in 2017 as compared to today in 2022, you will notice that the CFL actually had more tv deals 5 years ago.




Maybe your idea of clever humor,but TSN and all CFL telecasts my entire life, whether it be CBC,CTV in old days has always been world class,exception to Brian Williams

Most people don’t share your opinion

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TSN has the rights.

We know. That's not the point as you missed again as usual with such a comment that contributes nothing but what we all know. I'm not going to bother though.

TSN only has the broadcast rights for Canada and has no control over any CFL media deals in other countries.

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