I hate it, anyone else?

No it makes since to do it this way

After hearing oit during game time. it is a joke. And I don't see the sense in it at all. IMO They will eventually go back or just use the old terms.

I'm with you, it just doesn't sound right.

Dumb, even if there is a reason behind it.

Yes! why not Canadian and non-Canadian???????
I was never a non-import and I am not an international , I am Canadian.

I don't think you can force language on anyone. It'll stick or it won't, no matter what one tries on the subject.

Kinda like trying to convince everyone Redblacks should be spelt with all caps. It just won't happen.

For me, at least, import, non-import, rolls off the tongue better.

"National" just doesn't sound right, but then again, neither does non-import, and we all seemed to accept that term. But they probably should have just gone with "Canadian". Close enough for all intents and purposes, eh? As for the non-"Canadians", imports, internationals, whatever, any term could work.

how about "Quota" and "Non-Quota"?


What matters is the rule around this subject, not what we term is used to designate the players origins. I suspect ANY change in terminology would be called "dumb" by those that object regardless of the logic of the change.

I'll still call it import and non-import.

The hell with you , CFL! :lol:

For me it's simple the league can use whatever new "buzz word/phrase" they like,doesn't mean i have too.As far as I'm concerned I will be using IMO what it should have been in the first place,and that is a simple Canadian/Import terminology.
National/International just sounds like a goofy term that's right out of Soccer,No Thank You :thdn:

Nobody can force you to use the new terminology or force others not to use it.

But the simplicity of the Canadian/Import terminology is belied by the fact that there were "CFL Canadians" who were not Canadian, and it was necessary by the rules to be a Canadian.

I suspect that I will be using the terms national and international when discussing the import, er, national rule. But when talking about a player, I might use the terms Canadian and import, or whatever the heck I think will get my point across. Then again, I'm a bit of an "anal"yst at times, so I might just start to use the new terms all the time, even if I don't like them.

The change in name also came with a change in the eligibilty status.
If I understand it right. now any one who has a Canadian citizenship is eligible now to be what was formally known as non import. A non Import was any player who did not get his football training in the US.
No longer the case the import now the international depends on what citizenship you have. An Aussie kicker can no longer be on the NI roster unless gradfathered in.
Canadian/ National players are still considered to be that as long as they have lived in Canada for 5 consecutive years before the age of 18. Former CFL players fromthe US who had kids born in Canada while they were playing and moved back to the US before 5 years are now considered NI's/ Canadians/ Nationals no matterhow you would like to say it .
So the non import title really is not approprite.
I think most would prefer the terms Canadians over Nationals and Imports over interntionals

That's why I still say SkyDome.

That would work except there is that other "National" option where a player could be born outside of Canada but then move here and live at least 5 (previously 7) years in Canada before his 18th birthday. That rule is sort of a carry over from the last non-import rule.
This new rule for Canadian citizens eliminates the 5 year in Canada rule before 18. So now all a player will have to do is prove he is a Canadian citizen by birth period. Should add a few good players to the talent pool, but not a lot. I can remember a few who were born in Canada while their Dad's played in the CFL. Two brothers (Cowan ?) were born in Surrey BC when their Dad played for the Lions. They both were good Div 1 players at UCLA. QB/SB's.
Also a WR Jeff Boyd who played for the Bombers and Argos had a son who was a good Div 1 WR with San Diego State, and Austin Collie NFL WR whose Dad played in Hamilton. Long time NFL star Nate Burleson would qualify now as well. Then there are OG John Urschel with Baltimore, OT Orlando Franklin with Denver and WR T.J. Jones with Detroit. Players who would be eligible now. Some might never come to the CFL but time changes things so going forward they would be worth a late round draft pick.
The League would have to have some kind of a supplemental draft to divide up these type of players and then go from there next year in the Canadian draft.