International Bowl

Team World(20 of 22 starters Canadian) beats Team USA 35-29 in International Bowl, for those who dont know this game is between the top 19 and under players from the USA and the world..should have been called Team Canada, stumbled upon the game from a link on twitter it was a good game dominated by the world team until the end when the americans made a strong push for a comeback but fell short, saw alot of young canadian talent was really impressed fun to watch

Was VERY happy to see this result this morning. :thup:

Excellent! :thup:

scroll down to the bottom to see the game

but, why would any CFL fan watch it? Its not CFL :roll:

right benji

Any team with Canada on their back I cheer for 100%
But this world thing?

Great to see. What age are the international players. I see they're mostly CIS players, but don't know any of them, so I suspect they're probably not eligible for the CFL draft.

well considering they have to be Canadian for the draft.. and from University ball, ya.

It's an under-20 game, so they're probably not draft age yet.

The world team was 19 and under as well

Thank You PiCat. That's what I was wondering.

Virtually all of the starters on both teams are entering their first year of college/university this year.

Possible future CFLer: Anthony Coombs from the U of Manitoba. He was MVP in this game because he shredded Team USA's defence.

We could also possible see Finch the QB for Team World. He could also have been MVP, and maybe should have been given the way Team World dominated the OL, and how any back they put in could rip off 6-7+ yards. He also threw 11/14, 2 TDs and no interceptions.

WR Tauvon Smith (I think that's his name) is another. He got open often, showed great awareness of his position vis Ă  vis the sideline, good hands, and excellent speed.

More than anything I think World won this game because of its coaching. Greg Marshall (Head coach of the Mustangs) put in a fairly complicated offence because he knew anything less wouldn't cut it vs. the talent they were facing. Some how he got all his players to execute as if they'd been playing for months, and with surprisingly few penalties. Clearly he excels at assessing the talent he as to work with and tailoring a master plan to best exploit those talents. After giving a TD early (and another later when the game was out of reach) this team played like it had a purpose, and that purpose was to win.

Really interesting- great post!