International Bowl

Are the ti-cats offering any promotion to this years International Bowl that will be played at the Rogers stadium.

I was there last year and it was a good game.

this year should even be better, Rutgers is in it, they always have a good team....

One of the players to watch at the International Bowl is Jamaal Westerman, a junior starting defensive end for Rutgers, who has six solo quarterback sacks and four assisted quarterback sacks this year.

Although he was born in Brooklyn, New York and played his first year of high school football in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Westerman then moved to Brampton, Ontario and played three years of high school football in Canada. It is therefore unclear to me whether he is eligible for the CFL Draft or whether it is simply a case of placing him on a CFL negotiation list. Either way, he is worth a good look.

Westerman would have to have spent 5 years in Canada before he was 15 or else never have received any US football training to qualify as a non-import by CFL rules - sounds like he would not be considered a NI and so not draftable.

Thanks for the clarification, TCanuck.

I know the International Bowl offered a discount to CFL ticket holders last year. It would be completely up to their committee if they wanted to offer something similar again for this years Bowl game. If I hear anything I will post it on the forum.

RAYYYYYYYY RICE! 1st round pick easily when he wants to be drafted, the guys diiiiiiiirrrrty

I would be surprised if Westerman isn't ruled a non-import, because he played three years high school football in Canada.
The 5 years in Canada under the age 15 generally involves children living their early years in Canada before moving to the States. eg. Noel Prefontaine, Wayne Smith and Riall Johnson. But a player who plays high school football in Canada is considered a non-import IMO no matter where he is born or lived his early years.
I'm not 100% certain on this but I think playing high school football in Canada is the big qualifier. Now whether a player has to play 4 out of four years or just one year to qualify would be a CFL head office call.
I don't think they like to talk publicly about these quirky rules though. :smiley:

When is the game?

Jan 5th 2008, when is the CFL going to get the tix, worth watching, locker room sale here i come