INTERNATIONAL BOWL................

Good for tourism, Toronto gets something out of it and that's good. I don't think anyone in their right mind ever thought this would be a money maker from a ticket-sales point of view, it's all about getting some thousands of people from the States up here during a slow tourism time and spending on hotel rooms, restaurants etc. Why not? I watched a bit of it on TV. Anything to help Toronto become more acquainted with the game of gridiron football I say is good, even if they don't attend games.

I would agree, The Rutgers Side 100 level was completely packed, There was alot of empty on ball states side, attendance seemed to be correct.

Of course it does, it's the championship of a big league in a big country. The Grey Cup is the championship of a 6 team league in a 32 million pop. country.

This whole CIS team vs. a NCAA might sound good and people might go cheer on the Canadian team....for one year. After getting soundly whooped nobody will want it to occur again out of embarassment. Do we really need to invite a Div.II or III school up here to kick the crap out of us? Personally, I could do without that sort of international humiliation. Let the Yanks bring two teams up here and spend all their money. If there are 30 bowl games.....somebody has to be ranked 29th, at least we have an excuse being a foreign country hosting it.

Last i recall CFL had 8 teams.

Why can CIS basketball teams play Div. 1 teams? Ok, so basketball is much easier and the rules are about the same. But is CIS football not on as high of a level as CIS basketball compared with the US? I don't know.

Earl - You might get you answer sooner than later