International Bowl

Just bought 3 tickets to this game for $5 each. Final tally was $51.75. What started out as a $15 purchase quickly escalated thanks to ticketmaster. Should be a great game and great experience though.

Maybe Danny Barret will be installed as the U of C coach by the time the game rolls around.

how did $15 tickets end up $51?

gunna b great, ill b there!

Brian Kelly is the New coach at University of Cincinnati...he came from Central Michigan.

'tis easy:

Convienence Fee, Building Fee, Surchage, and taxes...

[quote="drummer_god"]how did $15 tickets end up $51?[/quote

Ticketmaster and other charges of $36.75.

That's average charge of a $12.25 charge for a five dollar ticket!

What a joke!

I was considering taking advatage of this great offer, but no way now, just based on principal.


how come i dont get those charges when i buy a CFL ticket from ticketmaster?...a $55 ticket should cost me $180 then...but it only costs me $60

I would’t go to Bowl Game with Minor Teams.
If they Paid Me to go…

who in the blue Blazes are these teams
Forget I asked It don’t matter who they are…

For a 245% surcharge, I hope Ticketmaster is a sponsor of the event.

I agree with Onknight. Just not interested in minor team US college football at all. I wouldn't tune it in on tv, so why would I go to the game, regardless of the (not so?) good price?

I can’t see this being an attraction to anyone except friends and family of the teams that are participating.

any potential draftees playing?
thats one reason to go

perhaps if the ticats (and whoever they're partnering with on this "attraction") want to sell "$5 tickets," then the ticats should themselves sell $5 tickets at $5, straightup, right over the counter, with no ridiculous, unspecified add-on fees charged by the seller.
anything else is just silly ... and "usurious" (a $50 word for selling at outlandish flagrantly wrong pricing.)

I think we should all go to this game to help our fellow Canadian city, Toronto, help shed it's image as a boring "sshh, be quiet at a baseball game in the Rogers Centre" image since most of the fans there will be American. We all have to do our part to help little ol' snooze town Toronto, eh, our friendly neighbours just an hour away. :lol:

I have to agree that the markup here, $2 Building Fee, and $9 Convenience charge is ridiculous(interesting to note that if you pay full price for a ticket, the Convenience charge is 'only' $5.)

Try this though... 4 pack for $60 family special near the bottom, when you hit search, it somehow comes up with $999 per ticket! I had a final bill on my screen of $4043.75 before I canceled the order. Now THAT is outlandish! (It works properly if you click Level 200 seating under "Section" rather than leaving it "Best Available)

I would't go to Bowl Game with Minor Teams. If they Paid Me to go..

who in the blue Blazes are these teams
Forget I asked It don't matter who they are...

That's a pretty funny thing to say for someone with a big picture of Corey Holmes as part of their signature. Holmes played in Division 1-AA which is one step below the top division 1-A. Which also happens to be the division that Cincinnati and Western Michigan play in.

Do you want to know who in the Blue Blazes is playing in this game? Maybe the next Corey Holmes? So put on your Scout cap and go help Craig Smith find the next:

Danny Barrett - UC Grad
Jamie Crysdale - UC Grad
Chad Plummer - UC Grad
Bruno Heppell - WMU Grad
Paul Lambert - WMU Grad
and a few more.

Interesting to note, 3 out of those 5 guys are Canadian.

Many good Canadian High School players will get recruited by US schools such as UC and WMU. Since Canadian schools don't really offer athletic scholorships, it's a great way to get a free education and play football at a level of competition rarely found in Canada.

Also, UC played Ohio State (National Champs mayhap) and Pittsburgh (Charle Taaffe's last employer before Hamilton) early in the season, losing to both.
They improved as the year went on eventually beating #6 ranked Rutgers.

Does that answer your question OnKnight?

Excellent post, WillTheThrill.

Just wanted to add that there are two Canadians on the Western Michigan roster, namely, freshman third string quarterback Caleb Clark and sophomore backup wide receiver Fernand Kashama. While it is unlikely that either of them will see game action in the International Bowl, it will be interesting to follow their progress over the next two to three years.

WillTheThrill is smart.

Honourable mention: Hamilton's own Bruce and Allen Boyko, former bombers and riders, are both WMU alumni.

Not only is Will theThrill smart, he's a Board Member of the Forbidden website.

Heck, many of the posters on this site that are also smart are Directors of the Forbidden Website.