International Bowl. Whats the Point?

Exactly - couldn’t have said it better myself.

According to this theory though, the Nashville Predators owner should have taken Balsillie's offer. But that didn't happen, the guy lost a lot of money that he didn't need to lose.

but - There were an added pressure that prevented that deal - like Bettman and the board not giving the ok for the Balsillie deal and forcing Leipold to take an offer that kept the team in Nashville.
Balsillie would never have got approval for that purchase so Leipold had no choice in the matter.

So it's not always just about money in the world of sports then, I agree. Often but not always.

J-93, isn't that what was said about the Toronto Phantoms of the AFL? A can't miss.
In sport, idiots mascarading as owners or promoters are a dime a dozen. Unlike their business affairs where most if not all become very rich, they get into sport thinking with their hearts and not their brain.


All I said is that the people that put these things on know far more about the economics of them than we do, and they are rich businessmen. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt that they know what they’re doing. Or…at the least…know what they’re doing more than we do or would.