International Bowl. Whats the Point?

They announced a supposed 31,000 for this game today.
But I read where at least 20,000 tickets were given to the two schools involved.

So you're looking at maybe 10,000 local folk who showed up. But then again I read they were giving out freebies like there was no tomorrow.

So my question is whats the point of this thing? Why force the two schools fanbase to come all the way to Toronto to watch their teams play this game?

Wouldn't it be better to just play it in their own backyards? Because its obvious that outside of their own fans, noobody else cares about this thing up here.

I doubt we'll be seeing INternational Bowl 3. Unless they maybe go to a Canada vs US type game like they did back in the 80;s. Then you;d see alot more interest.

But Ball State vs Rutgers fighting for the INternational Bowl in Toronto? Whats the point?

Tourism and it's still a regional matchup. Don't forget the RC dome. The game goes on despite the weather.

Now two years running in basically no one locally attending and more important paying for seats, I suspect we have seen and thankfully the last IB.

As far as know they have a 5 yr contract.
Besides whats wrong with 20,000 tourists spending cash in the city?
The City of Toronto gets a little more exposure and we make a little cash at the same time nothing is going on in RC.. You guys really need to start thinking outside the "Canadian vs American football" thing...

BTW the Schools actually purchase the blocks of tickets for the student body and alumni...
Check out the respective school sites and you'll see ticket purchase info etc.
And 10,000 local people going to see this game isn't nothing.. considering we "don't have a big interest in NCAA" here.

Since each school is guaranteed $750,000 plus I presume the organizer must also pay the related expenses of putting up the teams etc., I would guess this is a financial nightmare.
Now if the organizer was "smart" what I would like to see and if memory recalls, several years back we had a CIS team playing a Division II NCAA team.
That would sell and if we had Manitoba vs _________. With alternating rules each year.

That depends... I would need to see the financial details to make my mind up on that one... seems there is a lot of money on the line in these bowl games. I'd stand to reason a lot of money is being made somewhere to justify the exspenses.

And CIS vs NCAA II... meh
I'd really be more interested in seeing a Div 1 or 1a even 1aa squad before div 2...
I went to the International Bowl last year and it was fairly entertaining.

i dont think cis vs d II would work. Look at the vanier cup this year. It had about 27k and they were almost all freebies. I was offered tons of free tickets. I do agree with you argotom about the finances for the intl bowl. Even if 20k tickets were sold at 25 bucks each and the espn contract is about 500k and their other sponsorships are about 500k that is still only covering the payout to each team nothing else. They are definetly losing money

Where did you get 20,000 tickets sold. I read how they were lucky if 5000 were actually purchased. It's so bad that the organizers weren't even releasing the actual purchase number.
There were so many freebies it made the last NFL pre season game here in Toronto look good.

Sorry for the confusion I wasnt actually quoting that number but just throwing out a high end number that even if it was the case I still dont see how they make money. Tickets sold would probably be about 15-20k to the schools involved but I guarantee that is for alot less than 25 a ticket. Maybe a couple thousand locally and they were 15-40$ each

I used to go the the International Bowl. You could play five pin on one side and ten pin on the other.

It's American it must be superior.

Are you kidding me Toronto is making out great. The hotels are full you have about 20,000 average tourist spends $500 dollars you got $10 million, plus advertisement, and exposure. Tourist coming in to watch a football game. Believe me they're not losing money. 27,000 the first year, 31,000 the second thats a successful bowl. Bowl games in the US are usually not sold out anyways. The International Bowl is here to stay. Toronto was been battling for a bowl game for years there not going to let it slip away.

Peter your numbers must include feet and arms, as the local write up here in the newspapers confirm.
It's a dog with fleas.

I know the International bowl is a waste, and i agree that VERY few locals pay to go see it. But should we really be thankful that its the last one? Is it hurting T.O in any way having it there? It's just some added tourist dollars, no harm there. I hope it stays.

I went and had a great time :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just to show how interested I was........Was it even shown on TV?

If yes, what channel covered it?

yes it was ...
It was on Sportsnet and ESPN 2

Thanks.....guess I didn't see it.

It's exposure. Teams want to be in bowl games for recruiting purposes...the International Bowl offers something a little different from the norm...helps the NCAA grow their viewing audience north of the border, potentially.
It's good for tourism in Toronto and it's another event at the Skydome, the more the merrier.
Ya gotta realize...the people financing these things aren't idiots. As much as you might like to think they are...they probably know more about what they are doing than some guy that logs into a message board and throws down his two cents.
If it didn't make fiscal sense to have wouldn't be held. These big companies and rich fat cats don't get that why by blowing a bunch of money on moronic non-profiting endeavours.

...I don't know if the sponsors make money, but the teams sure do...

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