International Bowl was something interesting!

The game between Western Michigan and Cincinnati was alot more better then I thought it would be!Other then alot of the American fans looking like they didnt want this game in Canada with even one fan holding a sign saying "even the canadians want to be West Michigan Broncos"I had to go up to him and tell him to not worry because we "Canadians" still have better beer and more pretty Woman here!By the way the Broncos lost the game!LOL

I think the event was a good commentary on the differences between Canadian and American culture as they pertain to the murky area between sports/entertainment and acedemia.

Would be interesting to see what the average ticket purchase price was for Joe Canuck that might have been tricked into going to the game.

I caught some of it on TV and was mostly disgusted during the many times that Saunders and Flutie helped make the telecast appear to be a love in for the argos.

i'm just so glad they explained poutine.

Would be interesting to see what the average ticket purchase price was for Joe Canuck that might have been tricked into going to the game.

I paid around $17 a piece for 2 $5 tickets.
(.....ticketmaster markets like air canada)
I believe each school was given 6000 tickets to disburse
The game was "great value".
I've attended almost 20 CFL/CIAU games this year and this game had the best football atmosphere, even accounting for the fact it was played in the worst football stadium in the country.
It was nice having a "battle of the bands" going non-stop during the breaks in play, instead of having to listen to an obtrustive announcer telling me when to cheer.
They have the right formula for this event, create a "studio audience" and make their profit on the broadcast/sponsorships

was the game televised?

I only saw the last minute of the game, (you know the boring part when they kneel down once and let the clock run out while the coaches are crossing the field to shake hands. GAWD I hate that part of the American game)and could not see what I was looking for.

Did they shrink the field for this game? Were the goal posts moved? Or did they play on a Canadian size field?

I had a great time and am already looking forward to next year. I usually see 15-20 football games a year (CFL,CIS,NFL,NCAA) and this one was right up there for entertainment value ($23). I would say that the atmosphere was only outdone by the atmosphere at this years Motor City Bowl ($25 US) with 54,000 fans. I found the Bill's games are very commercialized with a boring brand of football, and the Cats just put a brutal product on the field. CIS is fun to watch but night and day when compared to the other 3.

I really enjoy seeing the bands go back and forth as well as hearing and seeing the different cheers/rituals of the NCAA teams. Kind of like hearing 30,000 strong with the Oskee wee wee. Besides, maybe next year it will include teams like Pitt or West Virginia, etc.

My Top 10 List....

Questions I have after watching the International Bowl and then reading this thread...

  1. Who forgot to put in the 55 yard marker, and why didn't anyone seem to notice?
  2. Would Jakethesnake find a Greek Mythology lecture on Jason & the Argonauts too sickingly pro-Argo?
8) How can you list number eight without getting a smilie?
  1. Why did both teams gamble every single time on third down?
  2. How come every time I go to Joe Badali's after a game, Argo kicker Noel Prefontaine is there?
  3. Does Noel Prefontaine wonder why every time he's at Joe Badali's I am there?
  4. Why did I go to the game to spend a day with Argo fans and yet sit between two Ticat fans?
  5. How can College band members play instruments while marching frontwards, backwards and swinging their instruments up/down, right/left, and yet Madonna has to lip-sync at her concerts.
  6. Why do I hate the fact that I bought a $5 ticket with $11 in surcharges, but wouldn't have minded an $11 ticket and $5 in surcharges?

And the number one question I have after watching the International Bowl and then reading this thread...

  1. Has a team named the "Cats" EVER won at the RC/Skydome before?

Shooter, the field was setup perfectly for the American game....
100 yard field, 10 yard end zones, the posts at the back of the end zones.

The only problem was that, with the shortened field, there were bare concrete sections at the ends that would have been covered with the Canadian turf in place. This only came into play once, when a guy scored a TD and celebrated by running on through the end zone and fell flat on his...... .

And to answer Tuck's question, nobody forgot the 55 yard marker...there was no 55 yard line....

8 )

Leave a space between the 8 and the ) or put a . between them

was it a sell out?? n was it on tv?

Thanks Wilf!

So, since the American field is 10 yard narrower than ours is, the sidelines must have been a great distance from the first row of seat. Pretty crappy for those that bought first row tickets I'd say.

The seats in the Rogers Centre are so far away from the field anyway, that I doubt anyone would notice the difference.
Besides, it left more room for the cheerleaders....and that's a GOOD thing...


Mark, why do you seem astonished at my mention of cheerleaders?
I was simply trying to give shooter the BROAD picture of the game scene.(tasteless comment)

Surely, you, who entered the 'Pigskin Pete' contest are not averse to promoting those who give unselfishly of their talents to further the enjoyment of the game?
At the very least, since you are able to attend the Ticat home games, have a little empathy for those of us whose contact is long-distance. We must grasp our small bits of enjoyment where we find them.

Great game to see in person, if only the site was better.

Many people said it was the best football they had seen at the Rogers Centre in years!!
It’s amazing that over 26,000 fans would turn up for a US college game in Canada, we can’t get 10,000 in there for the Vanier Cup.

Amazing??? or sad?

Wilf- just concerned about the old ticker, my friend.

By the way, were the cheerleaders good? Those US schools pour a lot of dollars and effort into that aspect of the program as well.

I'm also concerned about the old ticker. That's why I tried to concentrate on the game itself, and the bands.
Unfortunately, the cameramen seem to have a penchant for aiming the cameras at those girls. When that happens, I'm not quick enough with my remote to switch channels, and so I'm forced to endure the sight the cameras present.

If you believe that, I've got some property in Florida.....