International Bowl in Toronto

I was just wondering if anyone in the Toronto area is going to go to the International Bowl in Toronto. It's going to be a Big East team versus, a MAC school. I know I'am bias, but i think it would be great to see a different style of football. College football is my absolute favorite style of football. It will be great for tourism in Toronto, because most Big East and Mac schools are close to Canada and travel well. I predict at least 20,000 American college football fans at the game.

Why is this in the CFL forum?

Shouldn't this be moved to the Football (other leagues) forum?

That's the response i figured i would get. How many times has this forum turned into a political debate? At least I'am discussing football in Canada. I wanted to know how many CFL fans in the Toronto area would go to this Bowl game? The reason why i posted it here is because it is all relavent. There are numerous players in the CFL that have played in the Big East, and especailly in the MAC. I just think this bowl game is a great opportunity for the students to experience Canada, and for Canadians to watch NCAA style of football in there backyard.

If you don't care about the topic, don't post and let topic fall down on the board.

sad thing is, it will probably draw more than the argos, being as it is in Toronto.

Well, it would fit better in the "football - other leagues" forum, simply because it's not CFL ... I don't think there's anything political about that at all.

If I lived in Toronto, I'd probably try and go to the game. I like college football - not nearly as much as Canadian football, but it's still better than the NFL. Could be fun, and it would be something different too - I've never been to an American football game.

Based on what I see in Calgary though, and assuming 20,000 students from those schools do go to the game, I'd say most of the crowd would be students. Here in Calgary, it seems that the CFL and NFL are on par for popularity (although I assume numbers show the CFL is more popular here), and NCAA is next. I don't see many NCAA fans ...

Ditto, should be in the 'other leagues' forum but not a big deal.

I don't know what the response of people in Toronto will be for this game, I think most people in southern Ontario or Canada for that matter relate to just the biggie schools they see on TV like Michigan, Tennesee, Notre Dame, Texas, Penn State, USC and the like. The rest are down the list. But if one of the schools is a biggie, I think a decent Toronto turnout would happen. I don't know. I live in Hamilton and don't mind taking the hour drive to Toronto to do something like going for a skate on the waterfront and a coffee in Queens Quay or going to the ROM for a few hours or whatever.

Would I go to this game? I don't know, depends on what else is going on that day but I have to admit, I am curious to interact with some American college football fans who grew up with football so much a part of their culture and seeing their excitement for the game. I have been to a couple games at Michigan and Notre Dame and this helped me love the game of football as much as I do now, I realized how big football is, heck, Notre Dame's TV contract is more than the entire National HackMe League's contract I'm sure (which really makes me think if the NHL is a major league at all if it can't compete with one college football teams TV deal). I don't want to get into the football/hockey debate (although I really question hockey when one of their "greats", Bobby Clarke, is great more because of his ability to break guys ankles with a piece of lumber rather than his skill), but in my opinion, Canada should embrace football more and more, it is a purer sport than hockey where it doesn't have goons to fight and draw in fans, it is real toughness and hitting on every play and if you fight, you're out of the game. Football is just the best sport around for discipline, hitting, contact, excitement etc. no need to be carrying a piece of lumber in your hands, or graphite, to make the game exciting. I don't mind hockey and played it a lot in my life, but there is something tacky about the sport which I can't put my fingers on, maybe relating to what I mentioned above on.

Anyway, interesting topic and this game will hopefully help turn Toronto more into a football town although I somehow doubt that.

I think the idea of this bowl was to get teams that are near Canada into a bowl game that is in driving distance. Looks like its going to be Pitt versus an Ohio team out of the MAC (Univ of Ohio, or Kent State). I’ am sure they are going to love it playing in Toronto, and have a chance to experience a Canadian city. Should be good for tourism, plus ESPN will be there

Well then Peter, if ESPN is going to be there, you can bet Torontonians will fill the stadium and have their best suits on and their shoes all nicely polished. :wink:

:D I Guarantee you Doug Flutie will be there, since he works for ESPN now. I'am going to play a drinking game everytime they mention the CFL I'am going to take a shot. I think i will be hammered by the end of the first quarter.

Good point, gotta love Mr. Flutie that's for sure.

But, you know, a lot of Torontonians, not the great CFL fans there of course, but a lot still think, because of their pure ignorance and their attitude, don't respect Doug Flutie's talent and what he brought to the game. Not sure how aware you are but Toronto's smuggness and uppytiness and classlessness is second to none in the world, again not speaking of many fine Torontonians but just a large group whom I've had the "pleasure" of meeting over the years. To these people, Doug's accomplishments in the CFL mean absolutely nothing and they don't respect these accomplishments. Unfortunate but true.

I won't be there. I've never had much of an interest in NCAA sports.

Earl, Toronto is not alone, Boston is the same way. Without Drew Bledsoe the Pats were going to relocate to St Louis in the early 90's. Many New Englanders just think Drew Bledsoe as a terrible QB, and don't recognize what he meant to the Patriots.

I would be surprised if it draws more then flies.
Only the alumni from the two schools and the odd local, at least the ones involving freebies. I can't see anyone paying good money to see this fourth rate game.

I doubt it will be Pitt. It's supposed to be the 4th or 5th place team from the Big East vs. the 2nd or 3rd place team from the MAC.
Pitt is currently 6th and unlikely to move up. It'll likely be either Cincinnati or South Florida. And the MAC team could be either of the ones you mentioned, or Central Michigan or Western Michigan.

Didn't know that Peter about the Pats and Bledsoe, interesting.

They figure up to 25,000 will make the 1 day drive from out of country to Toronto to watch the game.

The Motorcity Bowl in Detroit generates about $15M for that city, so Toronto should fare as well.

With a little bit of work they could probably fill the Dome and I wouldn't be bothered one bit by it and I don't think the Argos should be either.

If they fill the Dome for this with 25,000 from the schools and the rest from Toronto and outskirts, well, let’s just say I won’t believe it until I see it. Sort of like next years GC if the Argos don’t get in.

It might be good for tourism because apparently since Sars, the number of US tourists is down, but I don’t have the exact figures.

re peter6625- with all do respect, Im inclined to be emberassed about Toronto,s Varsity Teams, York, U of T, riyerson (sp), Torontonians would rather cheer for OTHER school,s :oops:

The only way this game tops 20,000 is if 20,001 fans from down south come up to support their team.

Which is probably what the organizers are depending on. Because I doubt the CAnadian contingent in the crowd will be more than 5-6,00. Anymore than that and they've papered the house with freebies.