International Bowl Canada and USA

Greetings from San Jose, CA. We are in a Sports Lounge set up for the Super Bowl but right now we are watching Canadian High School kids play USA High School kids play against each other in the International Bowl.
There have already been a lot of questions about Canadian Football and the CFL, most of which I have been able to answer Thanks to the help from you CFL fans. However, there is one I don't know the answer to, this game is played with US rules, the question is do these Canadian kids play with Canadian rules or US rules when they play in Canada?
Again, I would appreciate your help.
By the way, these Canadian kids are pretty darn good!

Only the first quarter but Canada is ahead 7-0.

when I played in high school in Ontario mostly Canadian rules but 4 downs

Thanks, really appreciate the response/info.

While we're trading info...Earlier, the two U19 teams played, then the Canadian U18 played an American U19 "Select" team. What's the difference?

The "Select"Teams are 56 top Varsity high school players from across the US that are "selected" from among all the players. Those not "selected" for the "Select" Team play on National Teams. I'm not sure what group makes the "Selection".

Certainly not trying to put anybody down, but would it be relatively fair to refer to them as "the best of the rest"? In other words, some guys are selected for the U19 team, those that not are invited to the "Select " team. Perhaps some don't accept, but by and large I think that's a basic description.

Ewwww. Where did you play football?
Our high schools all played 3-down football.

I played high school in the 70’s and it was 3 downs. I understand in BC ,where they play American teams play 4 down. A young lad that works for me is playing, in the under 18.

The vast majority of Canadian high schools play Canadian-rules football. The exception being Vancouver which is somewhat isolated from the rest of Canada. They adopted U.S.-rules in the early 1950's so they'd have somebody else to play against, Bellingham and Seattle teams. After more schools formed football teams in Vancouver they kept U.S.-rules as they thought it was easier to play for the youngsters. I believe all of B.C. has followed suit, so Interior and Island teams can challenge Vancouver for provincial championships.

In Toronto schools, I believe they play 4-down Canadian-rules football until Grade 11 when they switch to 3-downs. This is done to help the offence with younger teams.

If you noticed the Canadian offensive players in the U18 game last night kept rolling to the outside trying to hit the corner...but there were no corners. The American defence was stout and the Canadian players were used to a 195-ft wide field not the 160-ft U.S. field, which hampered their offensive instincts.

In all fairness, next year the American teams should be invited to play the tournament in Canada, playing Canadian rules. Then we'd see a real humdinger. You never know, those American speedsters might just like the wide field too! :wink:

Yah I think Xvys is correct. A lot of the younger teams play Canadian rules with four downs as their passing skills haven't been perfected. It would be mostly two and outs all the time. I had relatives in the Ottawa area and they played Canadian rules and four downs until they get to High School.

We want to Thank you for your comments and info, it is appreciated. Come June there will be another group that plan on watching the CFL for the first time.
I apologize for not responding sooner but it has been a week of day long meetings.
We are going back to the little Lounge for dinner tonight and watch another US/Canada game that comes on at 5PM local time. Then it is free time until we go to the SB on Sunday.
Again, Thanks for your help.

They got pounded 49-7 or close to it. But what a experience for the young lad. I will hear all about it when he gets home.