International BIA - Pre-Christmas Free Parking

The International Business Improvement Area would like to offer all those shopping downtown at the Ticats Store and surrounding shops free on-street Meter parking starting November 24th to December 24th.

They only ask that you please be courteous and move your car after 2-hours. Also, news regard a locker room sale and Christmas blow-out sale soon to come.



This is great news, Kevin. The BIA shows great initiative, good will and sincerity in allowing free parking in the downtown area around the Ticats Store. I hope this idea can be used as a model that will eventually reflect an increase in all the businesses concerned.
Free parking is the main reason I shop in Malls, but your BIA has given me reason to rethink my strategy.

I can get a lot of shopping done in the two hour allowable limit.

Thanks to all concerned.