Interleague play: NY Giants vs. Ottawa Rough Riders

The games were played with NFL rules one half and CFL rules another half.

I also found this on the NFL Global Challenge. Looks like it is just taking a year off.

"Over the last several months NFL International has reviewed several options in transitioning the NFL Global Junior Championship to be under the auspices of USA Football."

"Over the course of this review it has become clear that the International Federation of American Football intends to host the first ever Junior World Cup in 2009. For this reason, NFL International has elected to work closely with IFAF and USA Football to make this event the linchpin of elite junior player development for IFAF member federations."

"As such, the NFL Global Junior Championship will not be held in 2008 in anticipation of collaborating to launch the inaugural IFAF Junior World Cup in 2009. The Junior World Cup will likely be a quadrennial event, and NFL International will liaise with USA Football to develop a tournament that will allow top junior national teams to compete internationally in the years the World Cup is not hosted."


First off, the joke of a NFL Global championship was Canada versus a Northwest Ohio county. Yeah it wasn't a national team. It would be like the US National team playing a team out of Yellowknife.

I find it funny how people bash the NFL when half the good player in the CFL have played in the NFL and they would drop this league like a bad habit to get back.

You do understand that not liking a league can have absolutely nothing to do with their opinion on the talent of the players, don't you?

I just find these CFL vs. NFL battles stupid. The CFL is a good league and so is the NFL. The NFL never threatened the CFL, but everyone here wants to make it a war. I hope the NHL doesn't act this way to the Russian Hockey League.

It wasn’t Canada Either. I believe the last one had almost no players from west of Ontario. Which is crazy since Western Canada has a way better Junior football program

No wonder why it didn't survive. There grabbing kids slapping a flag on him and say your Team Canada or Team US. There is actually a semi-pro international game that is better run. I have a couple teammates that are going to play for team US and they're going against Canada. I think the games going to be in November. I was asked to join, but I passed.

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It's only a joke if the U.S. doesn't win. The fact is, that they they lost at their own game to a bunch of Canucks from central Canada. Three years in a row. The last U.S. team was put together with players from all over Florida.

It was a U.S. tournament, not a war. The U.S. set it up and invited the teams to play. If they thought they might lose they should have fielded better teams, and you'd think after losing two in a row that they would have put their best team out there. They probably did, but lost anyway.

You should just learn to give credit where it's due and not try to make excuses for the losers.

Your comment that "half the good player (sic) in the CFL have played in the NFL..." isn't even close to being true. Some have. Most haven't. And any player would play anywhere that pays them more. So what. That's what professionals do. It doesn't mean that the CFL players aren't exceptional athletes and players in their own right. There are MANY reasons why a guy doesn't crack an NFL roster and raw talent is only part of the equation. So stop fooling yourself that all the best make the NFL.

I'm not so convinced that an inter-league exhibition game is so out of the question. If anything, I think it's more feasible now than it was back in the 50s. For one thing, the balls are now the same size. For another, the rules have become more similar (ie. scoring, down-field blocking, etc...). It could definitely be done. Maybe in Toronto at the Rogers Centre, after they have the facility arranged so that it can accomodate both an Argos game and a Bills game. Simply switch it up at half-time.

A game between the reigning Super Bowl champions and the reigning Grey Cup champions would draw attention on both sides of the border.

Crazy? I don't believe it's as crazy as you might think. Put it in context. The NFL is trying to build its international appeal, as evidenced by the Giants-Dolphins game in London last year. The Bills moving some games to Toronto is further evidence of this 'internationalization' of the NFL.

The biggest challenge will be scheduling. It would have to be an exhibition game, clearly, and this means some time in August - right in the middle of the CFL season.

Lets say that did happen this year, say in week 8 of this CFL season. It would be:

New York Giants vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders

It would mean that all of North American would associate Saskatchewan with the name Roughriders, and any attempt by Ottawa to take the same name when(and if) they get another franchise would be endlessly ridiculed by media and fans alike on both sides of the border.

Lol...In your dreams.

Don't worry. No one in Ottawa wants the name "Roughriders". It's all yours, brother.


Right on! Everyone knows that the Ottawa Rough Riders is the only real 'Rider team.

Roughriders is just plain silly.


One simple point seems to be eluding you two, but that in of itself is not all that suprising. If you say Roughriders or Rough Riders, it sounds the same. I would highly doubt that there will be distinction made in that regard when you say Roughriders or Rough Riders. No matter how the name is- as one word or split into two, it will still be ridiculed by many.

Just to stay on topic, it would not be feasible or even possible to have exhibition games between the two leagues. Unless the CFL season gets moved to startup at the same the NFL season starts. Not even a chance of that ever happening, peroid.

It doesn't elude us. We're just not as insecure about it as you are.

No, just obessessive. I appreciate the fact that you want to live in past regarding the Rough Riders, but to me it will always be assocaited with failure. I can't for the life of me why you would want a new franchise to have that albatross around their neck.

Simple; I disagree with your assessment that it's an albatross. If I thought it was a potential handicap, I wouldn't support it.

But I think the reason you're having a hard time understanding why we feel the way we do is that you're unable to view it from anyone's viewpoint but your own. To you it's an albatross? Okay. But many of the people here don't see it that way.

Why are you even bringing this up again? We've been over this in great depth in the past. We disagree. So be it. Whatever. Geez...

Sambo, to be frank, you are hardly the target market for any Ottawa franchise. I don't say this to be insulting. Merely to illustrate a fact. You, and you ilk, will never get it. You never have, and you never will.

This really isn't a problem. The people who matter - in this case - are the people who may actually stroll up Bank Street on a lovely summer's evening to take in a game at Frank Clair Stadium. They're the people who understand that the North Side ain't quite as good as the South, no matter what the weather has in store. The people who more than likely assume that their team is going to be in for a tough night, up against a superior opponent, but who will nevertheless come out and cheer them on, because hey, stranger things have happened.

This, Sambo, is not you. So really, when you talk about the Ottawa Rough Riders being 'associated with failure', I can only roll my eyes and brush you off as someone who, at the end of the day, simply doesn't get it.

I dont get it? How many games have you been to at Frank Clair in the last 3 yrs? The thing is, Ottawa is associated with failure, twice. If you think its just about Ottawa fans, then you truly don't get it. The CFL sustains itself on interest from all fans of the member clubs. We are the ones who buy from the concessions, the team paraphanelia, etc. The bottom line is no fans=no team. This has happened in Ottawa not once, but twice. I guess the bolded part of your quote is true, there just is not enough of those fans to warrant a franchise being restored into the nation's capital.

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Talk to anyone in the CFL brass. The problem in Ottawa was never the fans. If it was, they wouldn't have brought the Renegades in in 2002, nor would they have awarded a conditional franchise to the Shenkman group.

Hello? McFly? Knock knock knock.

Not so. If that were true, there would be no league. You're either wrong, selective, or deliberately simplistic about this topic.

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Look at Riders attendance in the 90's. Compare it to Hamilton's. If it were that simple, the Ti-Cats wouldn't exist either. Toronto would not have made it into the new millenium. Same with Montreal and perhaps BC.