Interleague play: NY Giants vs. Ottawa Rough Riders

Heh - no, I'm not making this up. Here's a link to a story about a game played between the New York Giants and the Ottawa Rough Riders - back in 1950.

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I'm not sure if there have been other games between NFL and CFL teams, but I thought this was pretty cool.

There was a few I think Ottawa played in all of them if I remember I looked that up like 20 years ago.

hamilton beat the bills once

this will never happen in the future, too much risk of injury, guys would wanna get paid, plus too many rules/regulations/issues to solve.


...a team that doesn't exist versus an NFL team...I'm having a tough time rationalizing why this shouldn't be moved to the Off Topic forum...

Be kind to the Ottawa fans R&W, they get reminded enough that they don't have a team anymore already.

It doesn’t matter what the rule differences where…just have a two game total points wins mini tournament…Kind of like what soccer does so no team has home feild advantage…

I think the CFL teams would still have an advantage because we have players used to american rules where the NFLers wouldnt have a clue…

They'd have to learn to get plays off quicker, wouldn't they?

Here is what I could find for the scores between CFL and NFL teams. Note that the Bills were in the AFL not the NFL in 1961.

1950: New York Giants 20, Ottawa Rough Riders 6
1951: New York Giants 38, Ottawa Rough Riders 6
1959: Chicago Cardinals 55, Toronto Argonauts 26
1960: Pittsburgh Steelers 43, Toronto Argonauts 26
1961: St. Louis Cardinals 36, Toronto Argonauts 7
1961: Chicago Bears 34, Montreal Alouetts 16
1961: Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38, Buffalo Bills (AFL) 21


Hmm as soon as U.S. based team lost to a Canadian team the inter-league play stopped. Interesting.

Exactly what I was gonna say Rpaege. An NFL team losing to a CFL team would ruin a lot of the NFL, I think.

There also was a regular season game played between Hamilton and Ottawa in Philadelphia in 1958. Don't know if there were any other regular season games played outside Canada (besides the USA expansion teams in the 1990's. I think one of the main reasons why the NFL stopped playing wasn't because an U.S. based team lost. Remember that the NFL thought of the AFL as inferior and viewed the CFL in higher regards at that time. I think that most of these NFL CFL games were played just for revenue sake and when the early 1960's came, the television revenue for the NFL started to overtake gate receipts, so these games were no longer needed for financial purposes. Just an educated guess.


I'd like to know what the rules and field size were for these games.

For all of the reasons mentioned, it will never happen.
Way too much to loose for the No Funners.
But and but, can you imagine here north of the 49th the interest for such a game.
Pay per view and or regular TV would go through the sky.

1941 The Winnipeg Blue Bombers played a 3 game series with AFL Champions Columbus Bulls.

Aug 27/41 Winnipeg 19 Columbus 12
Sep 1/41 Columbus 6 Winnipeg 0
Sep 10/41 Columbus 31 Winnipeg 1

These games were played under mostly Canadian rules. The teams agreed to insert a few American rules such as blocking more than 5 yards downfield.

Also note that field at Osborne Stadium in Winnipeg was American size (100 yards long with 10 yard endzone). The Blue Bombers didn't play home games on a regulation field until 1953 when Winnipeg Stadium opened.

Agreed. NFL would have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Several years ago a few of us Canadian guys played some Americans flag football on the beach. Final score Canada 35- U.S.A. 28.

I can't recall if those points were for touchdowns or beers consumed!!!!!!!

Canada won the NFL Global Junior Championship three years in a row over the U.S.. The result? The championship has been cancelled.

I was ridiculously into that thing last year, listening to the broadcast. And the announcers just couldn't believe what was going on, even though Canada had won the previous two. I was bummed to hear that they wouldn't be going with it.

Exactly and the myth about the NFL'ers winning is just that, a myth.
If we played the game in CFL rules, the CFL'ers would win 9 out of 10 games.
Conversely, the NFL would do likewise when playing their version.