Interesting stat: during the much hyped swaggerville defense of 2011 we had 13 sacks after 3 games. We currently have 11, with much less bravado. Personally I like this bunch better. Anyone want to make a "Shut up & play" T-Shirt :wink:

…We seem to be returning to form alright Let’sGo…Definitely ’ silently / solid’, would be an apt description with regard to our D so far… Now if only our offence could catch fire…Still looking for a big improvement in that area… Maybe this weekend :roll:

Ill be in Las Vegas watching the game , with my Bomber jersey on !

......Be careful down there in Lost Wages kasps....don't bet heavy and stay away from all that rich food....AND don't get anything on that jersey................................Lucky you to get away :smiley: :thup:

Further to the sack stat:

There has been a downward trend in league wide sacks for the past 3 years. In 2010 there were 334, 2011 305, 2012 264
During that span:

WPG has been on top with 149
BC a close 2nd with 145. They have always had great Dlines too.
MNT 122 Higher than I thought
CGY 116
Ham 114
Edm 109
Sask 101 Kinda surprised with this one, expected them to be higher
Tor 89

I could see us being around that 50 mark again this year.

Heh...we're on pace for 99. :lol:

Lets be slightly cautious; as Mr. Brown stated one game is lucky let's ensure their defense holds up for at least three games before we start saying that they have the Swaggerville defence back.

Honestly too; I would love to see the swagger back in the team its motivation it drives the offense it lights fire underneath them. As long as they aren't take penalties a little bit of EGO and show boating is great for the team

It looks like the Ticats have only 1 sack after 2 games? Is that right? The backup oline struggled in Hamilton in the preseason, here's hoping our starters can dominate their Dline which is not looking very strong.

Yes it is early, but there will be comparisons to the 2011 D anytime we field a strong D for the next few years. IMO though, this edition is nothing like that team. They were very brass, too much swagger, and it put a mark on them. After 3 games in 2011 everyone was talking about our D. They were jumping around with that monkey dance after every big play, and talking up every interview. Then when faced with troubled times & bad games the finger pointing started.
I don't see that happening with this crew. Young, yes, but they are also harder working than in the past IMO.
Play fast, mean & strong - but keep it going all year! :thup:

Getting rid of Logan and Hefney can only help of course, but until they prove they can shut down other teams around the league, the defense is still very much a work in progress. We saw yesterday how bad the Als offense was so shutting them down isn't any major feat, although very promising for sure. Let's hope they can keep the Tiger Cats to a manageable number tonight.

One of the big differences between 2011 7 today is the turnovers. Swaggerville was collecting turnovers left & right, whereas this year we are collecting sacs left & right.

So what was it tonight - 6 sacks? That would be a total of 17 to date. Great and everything, but the D could use some some turnovers as well.

Think they had 7 sacks tonight, which is very encouraging. The Bombers passing game is simply non existent and considering it was the pathetic Hamilton defense they were up against tonight, that's very discouraging. All four teams in the East are 1-2 after 3 weeks.....could be worse.

Only real blemish on the Bomber D against the TiCats was that Burris broke containment a lot, but he's a guy that does it to a lot of teams. Great game otherwise. They gave the offense the ball with a chance to win, and the offense didn't get it done.

Nobody can expect the D to hold the other team below 20 points every single game. It just doesn't happen.

Anyone know the record for most sacks by a Bomber team?
CFL record is Calgary with 85 sacks in 1986. BC had 84 in 1986 & 82 in 1987, while the Cats had 80 in 1988.

What the hell was going on in the late 80's that there were so many sacks??

18 after 3 games is super impressive. :cowboy:

You're not kidding. The Bomber record is 75 sacks in 1984.

Wow, long way to go to beat that. We would have to average 3/4 per game here on out.

Was the Toronto Oline that good? It just didn't seem like rushing Ray was a priority. 1 sack on Friday makes it 19 after 4 games. We'll have to pick up the sack slack next Friday against whoever the Stamps have there.

If Getting pressure on one of the best passers in the history of the game was not a priority then we have the most inept coaching staff in the history of mankind. Can not give pure passers in this league anything more than 3 seconds or game set and match.

The Bombers do very little blitzing because they don't want to expose their secondary to man coverage. The d-line did a great job the first three games and certainly deserve credit for a job well done, but their success was partly because the opposition o-line couldn't protect very well. Argos did a real nice job up front and Ray had all day to throw.