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(1) Dane Evans Breaks Down Off Season Film! | On The Reel - YouTube


Thanks for posting . :+1: Very informative and interesting indeed .
Much like Dane says...I LOVE THIS STUFF !!!


Lets have more of this stuff!


It’s remarkable how many decisions are made after the snap and how fast it all happens. It’s shocking to see how many plays are successful when you get under the hood and realize how many things needed to work for a play to happen. So very cool!


Some thoughts as I was watching this:

Dane is a smart guy, a film junkie and a hard ass worker. Of course we have no comparisons to make but just seeing how genuinely excited he is breaking down film indicates to me how much he loves the game.

On the first play "4 steps in I knew it was over" was hilarious.

The Tasker play reminds me of something I heard Mike Morreale say once.. "it's not that hard, go where they ain't". And while he was somewhat kidding, it's true. Tasker noticed right away that Gainey was anticipating and heading him off deep, so he just sat down. If Dane and Luke don't see the same thing it's a pick that we blame on the QB.

Need more of this content. The camera angle alone from the game film is worth a monthly subscription, the NFL has ALL 22 videos for all games. The CFL needs the same.


SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dane, A Coaches son! @CoachE
We are in capable hands with Dane


I need stuff like this daily. It would be great to see Simoni or Tunde break down film from a Defensive POV.


(Not wanting to start a new thread over an update on something discussed over 6 months ago, the title of this thread seemed like a good place for this, another interesting Youtube video)

I wrote this in the Burn the Witches Vol. V thread, following the early October, over-time loss to Montreal:
"After numerous starts, stops, and slow motion views, I'm left wondering if that TD play was planned, as executed? Daly was in perfect position to intercept that pass. But, as he began his movement upward for the ball, he was hit, from the rear, by Wieneke at the same place, on the field, where Lewis. simultaneously, arrived to make a great reception. Was it a planned, or accidental, deep pick play?"

My question has, now, been answered by Vernon Adams:


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Pat Lynch (the aged one)

He hangs on to the ball too long.