Interesting TV

I find it interesting the way American TV sometimes uses CFL footage during their shows for background TV football content.

A few years ago, by coincidence, I was watching past episodes of the West Wing and on the President's TV screen was a CFL game with Jason Maas (with Edmonton) the main attraction. It was within days of Maas being traded to Hamilton.

Recently, while watching episode 8, season 3 of Modern Family, a couple of seconds of CFL action appears on a TV (about the 14:24 mark) with the Tiger Cats #12 Quinton Porter front and centre on the screen.

I guess the NFL must be pretty tight and/or expensive with it's licensing for TV shows to resort to showing CFL for on-screen football action.

No great news... I just find it amusing :slight_smile:

And re Modern Family, Sofia "Gloria" Vergara is none too hard on the eyes either!