Interesting thought...

Notice how the True Blue forum has more replies and views than all the other teams.....

Not sure what it means but hey, that's cool.

I have to work Monday morning so I'm going to miss the game, craappyy!

I'm just rambling here..

How about the Al's Renegades game??

I listened to the first half on Al CJAD and part of the third quarter on team 1200. I must say that team 1200 totally sucked and thougt that CJAD did a great job covering the game.

Anyone else listen to it??

Go Blue!!

I noticed that aswell. It means that there is more fans that post in the Blue Bombers team forum then the others. Which is cool. :smiley:
That sucks that you’re gonna miss the game. I’ll be watching it tomorrow on tsn. :slight_smile: I didn’t watch all of the game but seen the end of it. Dammit! I picked Ottawa to win and they lost. Sucks. . .I didn’t watch the game because I went and seen a movie with some friends.


i really would've thought that the Riders would have the most replies & views, but i guess not a lot of them can figure out da computa - still working on their banjos!!! LOL - don't worry riders fans, it's all good!!! u know this is just some good 'ole fun!